Werewolf - Villagers vs. Zombies - Signup thread


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Jul 29, 2019
Welcome everyone to the first Werewolf game hosted by me!

If you don't know what Werewolf is then look at the Organization Thread. The "Standard Werewolf rules" can be found there.

This game is a bit different than most games (well I guess every game has something unique):
It takes place in one of the countless villages that exist in the Minceraft universe. The bad guys are not wolves but instead Zombies.

Roles and Rules
I guess that's everything. Or did I forget something?

List of players:
  1. CoolSquid
  2. Fraction2
  3. trajing
  4. LivingAngryCheese
  5. Gideonseymour
  6. Pyure
  7. SpwnX
  8. playerismc
  9. VikeStep
  10. Shazam08
  11. HeilMewTwo
  12. SoraZodia
  13. Eruantien
  14. goreae
  15. RJS
  16. chbachman
  17. 016Nojr
  18. xTordX
  19. dylanpiera
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