Open Server WE'RE BACK! Sandycraft Unleashed

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Jul 29, 2019

We are back again with Sandycraft Unleashed! We are still a small community looking to grow, meet new players and to have fun! We try our best to eliminate those pesty players that may exist and get away with things on other servers, that is why sandycraft is here! We do care about our members and there well being, that is the same for the staff. You will be treated with respect and everyone is treated as an equal. We have 13+ staff and any staff between 13-15 years of age are monitored and selected carefully to make sure we get respectful, mature staff.

So, if you are here for fun, to be treated well and fare, to meet an awesome community and to make new friends... Then Sandycraft is for you!

Server IP:

~Dmks - Owner and director of Sandycraft FTB.