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Whitelist Server was Direwolf20, now Infinity, adult players, friendly community, friendly helpful staff, teamspeak

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Equitime, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    I have sent conversations/pm to both the past applications. You have been added to the whitelist. Have fun
  2. willhami2

    willhami2 New Member

    IGN: willhami2
    Ban history: none
    Length of time: played since FTB release
    Other relevant info:
    Location: USA
    Age: 18
    Experience: I have played quite a bit of modded minecraft.
  3. Garmeer

    Garmeer New Member

    Nickname: Garmeer/Charles
    IGN: Garmeer
    Mod Experience: excited to learn about the newer ones, veteran of the older ones
    Age: 20
    Timezone: EST
    If i was ever banned: Nope.
    Fave Mod: Buildcraft and its addons/compatible mods (railcraft, forestry, etc)

  4. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    Added you to the whitelist. Ip sent the conversation/pm. Welcome
  5. GKusev

    GKusev New Member

    IGN: gkusev (real name George)
    Age: 31
    From: Bulgaria
    Ever banned: No
    Fave Mod: thermal expansion, forestry - bees and trees. I want to test carpentry blocks :)

    p.s I will need server/TS IP so pm me when application is apporved
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2014
  6. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    IP sent through the conversation/pm system. Welcome to the server.
  7. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    Boosting the server. Taken out the deep dark as for some reason whenever someone went in it the server would throw a wobbly and crash. Most players have their own base but Valekvk has built a great tunnel in the nether for you all to join up. Come and enjoy.
  8. 00Astal

    00Astal New Member

    IGN: Astal2684
    Age 31
    MOd experience: started with mods since Tekkit. Still getting used to the modds in the latest pack
    Banned: Never Banned
    Why want to join: Tired of playing by my self. and would like to play on a server that doesn't lag for me. I would like to Build/assist in the construction of a central HUB for the server. If possible.
    Favourite Mods: Forestry, Magic Crops, Magic Bees, Tinkers Construct.
  9. KinglyGaming

    KinglyGaming New Member

    IGN: SuperDav1d
    Age: 21
    Mod Experience: Personally I love machines so Thermal Expansion/IC2 would be top for me, as well as Forestry and Steve's carts.
    Banned: Never been banned
    Why want to join: After having spent a huge amount of time in another server and then having to shut down randomly, it was a big let down. Now I look for a new, better community.
    Favorite Mods: The ones that I have experience with. :]
  10. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    If you want to come play Infinity then Ive sent you the ip in a message. As its a new map there are new places to explore etc.
  11. Alzeran420

    Alzeran420 New Member

    3 people to sign up.

    IGN: Alzeran, EvilOblivion, SadisticLust
    Ages: 25, 29, 30
    Mod Experience: Myself, I know IC2 and Big Reactors the best, I can't vouch for the other two.
    Ban History: None, for any of us.
    Why we want to join: Time for a fresh start on an actual server, tired of doing everything over Tungle.
  12. Equitime

    Equitime New Member

    Hi, have added you and your friends and have sent you the ip.
  13. thugingawesome

    thugingawesome New Member

    ign: thugingawesome
    ban record: never
    other facts: ive been playing for about 3 mounths on this acc strangly enuf my first acc was hacked but ive been playing for 4 ish years as many as 6.(im bad with years) ive played ftb for a majority of it though. im a jack of all trades of sorts im looking for a new server. the last whitelist ive been in was pretty much just as i start ftb and lasted for 2 years. but after the 2nd map we never got the server back up. im 17 (lol my grammer is that of one much younger) i am a kind person always willing to help. i do well in small communitys 5-25 people. so i feel this server would fit the bill of sorts i guess.

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