Open Vibrant Capacitor Bank too large?



Summary of the problem Vibrant Capacitor Bank too large?

Pack Version 1.5.3

What is the bug? I just made 117 Vibrant Capacitor Banks to upgrade my Energy Storage and i noticed that when i placed them all down, it didn't take any Energy from my Generators anymore but it still output Energy. So i was basically just losing Energy without generating any. The Maximum Capacitor Banks I'm able to place down are 85. After that it doesn't take the Energy in anymore. Am i the only one having that problem? I'm playing on the Modpack Version 1.8.1.

Mod & Version Ender IO 1.10.2-3.1.183

Link to log file There is no error in the log or anything that would help. Do i still have to upload one?

Is it repeatable? Just put Vibrant Capacitor Banks in a 13x3x3 Multiblock.
Until you remove some of them until there's only 85 left it won't work.

Known Fix