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Open Server [ UnlimitedCraft ][ TPPI2 Beta v0.1.1 ][ Open ][ 24H ][ TS3 ][ No mods removed ] [ 38 Plugins ]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by powerpin, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    Welcome to UnlimitedCraft servers

    YES!!!!! TPPI 2 beta released

    Server IP: tppi2.unlimitedcraft.org:25569 --> Towny, No PvP/Raid/Grief in claimed area

    Website: www.unlimitedcraft.enjin.com -->Join website now and get free rewards points for the store.

    To get the TPPI2 pack, launch your FTB launcher and click on " Pack Codes"
    Then enter: SuperWhaleKick
    Scroll down and you should see TPPI2 v0.1.1 on 1.7.10

    Few informations about the server.

    --> Choose your path between 4 paths with 5 ranks each.
    Artemis, Hephaestos, Hecate and Apollo )
    --> Awesome underground death city spawn.
    --> No mods removed.
    --> Casino / Spleef / Minigames / Arena.
    --> Chunk loader allowed.
    --> Over 38 plugins.
    --> Balanced economy and a public players shops.
    --> Website store based with rewards points.
    --> The end world reset occasionnally.
    --> Teamspeak 3.
    --> Auto-restart is server crash.
    --> DDoS protection.
    --> Dedicated server.

    What can i say else... Others servers just don't get it!!!!
  2. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    The server still in heavy construction, however all ranks, kits, protections are ready. The player shops, casino, inn and arena is coming soon.
  3. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    A new server owner will be set soon. With the community growing fast, i wont be able to manage all servers myself. So i am choosing loyal staff to represent me on the server. Don't worry they gona do a great job.
  4. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    A new secret path with 5 ranks have been added to this server too. The Odin path... is a little bit more powerfull and can get if you find out the secret room in spawn world. Good luck
  5. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    With our growing community, i can't handle all the servers myself, its why i choosed Co-Owner for each server. The choosed one is trusted, loyal and have good knowledge how to run a server. Madsadman2 have been choosed to be the Co-Owner. I wish him good luck :)

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