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Open Server Ultra Survival | [Direwolf20 V5.2.1][1.4.7][50 Slots] | NO-WL | Survival | MyTowns | Teamspeak 3

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by usmcsnipes, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Frozen_Infinity

    Frozen_Infinity New Member

    Has there been a reason that the server has been down recently?
  2. bswt

    bswt New Member

    :( i had just left a sever because of this and found this one. i was on this server for no more than maybe 4 hours and it goes down. its like i cant fine a server up long enough to get far in the game. i know that you are using forgebukkit (jenkins mod) be carefuller with this, it can crash servers with the wrong the plugins ( you have a very fast server with minimal lag that's hard to come by keep it up or get it up )
  3. Penguin99661

    Penguin99661 New Member

    Did the server die?
  4. usmcsnipes

    usmcsnipes New Member

    Drop party will be around 7:30 PM tonight!
  5. Maxiride

    Maxiride New Member

    Which are the banned items? Didn't found a post on your forum about them.
  6. kaifas

    kaifas New Member

  7. Jaypurple

    Jaypurple New Member

    can you pls whitlist me
  8. kooljac702

    kooljac702 New Member

    I cant join
  9. 1builder

    1builder New Member

    Is the server on the DireWolf modpack?[DOUBLEPOST=1368021235][/DOUBLEPOST]If not then what mod pack on FTB? ;)
  10. Beta

    Beta New Member

    Is this down for anyone else?
  11. RedBirdFlyin

    RedBirdFlyin New Member


    this is either too good to be true or I just won the minecraft lotto
  12. aywoody

    aywoody New Member

    Ill be back on tonight guys! Its been a while
  13. Frozen_Infinity

    Frozen_Infinity New Member

  14. DerpyRex

    DerpyRex New Member

    I have been banned for no reason dude usmcsnipes
  15. Frozen_Infinity

    Frozen_Infinity New Member

    Dude, the server has been moved,

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