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Whitelist Server [Ultimate] 30 slot Server, Bukkit

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Wamboz, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. IzahShados

    IzahShados New Member

    Name: Izah
    IGN: IzahShados
    I'm eighteen and looking for a new, friendly, active Feed The Beast server to experiment with and help others when needed. I've been playing minecraft in general (including a very large portion of mods) for almost three years now, my favourite mod to do with FTB would have to either ben Thaumcraft or the Bees mod but I like them all equally as they go together very well. I've never been banned (that I know of) from a server.

    Looking forward to playing with everyone. :)
  2. Wamboz

    Wamboz New Member

    Can't add yall right now as I'm on phone but I will do it as soon as i possibly can
  3. Its_MaGiiK

    Its_MaGiiK New Member

    I have played a good amount of FTB. Mostly SSP though. I want to try a server because Singleplayer is just getting boring.
  4. Odenite

    Odenite New Member

  5. Miroku2235

    Miroku2235 New Member

    IGN: Miroku2235
    Age: 25
    FTB experience: A couple of months
    Minecraft experience: Since Alpha
    Info: I know a decent amount about IC2, Buildcraft, Thermal Expansion, Redpower, Twilight, etc. The only mod I'm iffy on is Gregtech, but that's simply due to having to re-learn ways to make things. I love exploring in the game, delving into deep caverns, traversing wide deserts, etc. I also like to build my home base a slight distance from others, to allow for expansion/testing/creative freedom/etc. I particularly enjoy underground 'hive' bases.

    I'm a very friendly, chatty player. TS3/Vent/Mumble helps take the grind out of mining for materials when I can cut up and chit-chat with other players.
  6. Ryan784

    Ryan784 New Member

    Server down?
  7. TheMohViper

    TheMohViper New Member

    IGN: Rex925
    Age: 16
    Hello , I would like to join your server because I have been searching for a good server but they all end up closed or they generally suck. I hope that I'll be capable of joining your server and be a part of it. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
    My favourite Mod: Thaumcraft 3
  8. Cobalt

    Cobalt New Member

    IGN: iliad6
    Age: 17
    Minecraft Experience: Beta 1.1
    FTB/Tekkit Experience: Nearly 2 years

    Salutations! I am an experienced Feeder of the Beasts (I think that works) and have been searching for a server in which I can play without the constant threat of morons griefing me. I know a great deal about the mods in the FTB pack and I enjoy an atmosphere of cooperation with a healthy amount of competition.

    Favorite Mod: ALL OF THEM!!!
  9. arsss23

    arsss23 Guest

    IGN srixer
    AGE 16
    I love playing in small tight servers with fun people.I also like to sometimes overcomplicate things and I have been playing with mods since beta 1.6.
  10. tomato_sauce

    tomato_sauce New Member

    Age: 11 (but mature)

    Time Zone: GMT

    IGN: tomato_sauce (no caps)

    Favorite Mod: Hmm, I cant make my mind up, I love Forestry and ThaumCraft 3.

    Why I want to join this Server: Well, my previous server I played on was a FTB Ultimate Pack server (previously Mindcrack) but mysteriously I got de-whitelisted so I'm looking for a good new server on the previous server they were banning all these mods and I just got sick of it and left. I am hoping to join this server and find a nice small community I can play with and just have a good time on.

    A little about myself: Well, generally I am a pretty nice person, tend to survive with about 3 other players in group. And I like to help friends :). I am jubilent that mystcraft is enabled so I would work towards having my own age along with a couple other shared ones with friends. Btw at this moment my computer is getting fixed so I am using an IPad to write this and in a few days it should be back.
  11. tomato_sauce

    tomato_sauce New Member

    mgpnitro222 if we do get whitelisted do you want to work together? I'm 11 :)
  12. tomato_sauce

    tomato_sauce New Member

    Computer should be coming back in the next hour so thats no longer a problem.
  13. diegoroberts99

    diegoroberts99 New Member

    Age: 13 (mature)

    timezone: mst

    IGN: diegoroberts99

    favourite mods: Thaumcraft, forestry, mystcraft

    Why i want to join: my current server is down and may be down and the one i just tried i don't really like and this seems like a well run server and a very friendly community. the fact that there is no banned mods is like YAY :D.

    A little about myself: I LOVE servers and a friendly community. I am social and help others as much as i can and i have a wide range of knowledge in all the mods in ftb. I can help most people with any issue they may have and have been well known oon all other servers i have been on. I also am very active and play lots on the server.

    Thank you for considering my application and I hope to play with you:) Here is a picture of my biomass producer [​IMG]

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