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Whitelist Server [Ultimate] 30 slot Server, Bukkit

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Wamboz, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Wamboz

    Wamboz New Member

    • Server Name:pause FTB
    • Server Locale: United States East Coast
    • Website:None yet
    • SubReddit: none yet
    • Server Address/IP:
    • Game Play Type/s: [PVE] [Building] Friendly PVP
    • Additional Worlds: Mystcraft is installed

    • Description: I recently started this 18 slot FTB server after switching to the ultimate pack. We have all mods enabled and keep it up to date. PVP is enabled but is by consent only. No being a dick or anything
    • Rules: No Griefing, No theft, no editing others work without permisiion. Please build at least 50 blocks from other peoples land area.
    • ---HOW TO JOIN: Post here with a bit or so of why you want to join and your current FTB/other similar mod experience. Screenshots of builds and sytems greatly increase chance of acceptance. Also tell us what your favorite mod is. Any age is accepted! Really anyone without lots of bans on their accounts can get in. We will have a mumble server up soon.
    • Admins: Wamboz, Abroosky
    • Hardware: Dedicated MinecraftOS server.Ivy Bridge Intel Xeon E9 1245v7 / 4 Cores 8 Threads / 3.8GHz+ / 4 Gigs of RAM/ 2x 100GB SSD / 150 MBps Hosted by Beastnode.com Soon to be upgraded to fit 50 players
  2. Major_Pavlo

    Major_Pavlo New Member

    IGN: Major_Pavlo
    Age: 13
    Favorite mod would have to be thaumcraft 3 but I am experienced with most of them.
    I have no screenshots of my builds but you won't be disappointed with my builds but will probably take a tad longer since resources are hard to get.
    I can give around one hour on the weekdays and around a two hours on week days.
    I am very kind to people but I do prefer to work with other people on servers (main reason for going on a server).
    I have never been banned from a server before and hopefully never will.
    Hope to get one the server sounds very fun and exciting.
  3. Wamboz

    Wamboz New Member

  4. Wamboz

    Wamboz New Member

  5. Sanaradain

    Sanaradain New Member

    Country: USA. East Coast
    I'm just looking for a good co op server. And want to really play with the ultimate pack, very knowledgeable in most of the mods although still learn greg tech..

    IGN: Sanaradain
  6. Wamboz

    Wamboz New Member

  7. avinash

    avinash New Member

    i wanted to join a gud ultimate server with a gud community,i hav known ftb since it was in beta stage so i am familiar with most of the mods,been watchin dw20 serveris since season 2
    .......and btw 1 suggestion wil u make a mining age in the server......
    my fav mod is hmmmm gregtech :D i love hardcore :D :D
    and looking forword to join the server :) :)
    and i was never banned till now http://mcbans.com/player/av1nash

  8. Jamiejams

    Jamiejams New Member

    Name: Jamie
    Age: 16
    Country: United States
    About Me: I wish to join your server seeings as I enjoy feed the beast very much. I love to play with small communities and think it would be nice to play on a good whitelisted server. My best mods are forestry, extrabees, and industrial craft 2. I have been playing feed the beast for the past 2 months. I am also very easy to get along with and will follow any rules I've been told.
    IGN: Jamiejams
  9. Ryan784

    Ryan784 New Member

    Age: 16 years of age.
    Time Zone: East Coast.
    IGN: Ryan784
    Favorite Mod: I would have to say ComputerCraft. I love how versatile it is, you can do practically anything with it; a fun Mod to kill hours with and make useless programs.
    Pictures of my work: I do have pictures of some of my builds but they are from a few months back, and I feel they do not accurately portrait how I build now!
    Why I want to join this Server: Well, I have been looking for a good "FTB Ultimate" pack Server for awhile now - and most Servers out there have extremely silly restrictions, such as having to pay 15 dollars for /sethome! And others limiting mods such as ThaumCraft and ComputerCraft to donors only.. I am hoping to join this Server and find a nice small community I can play with and just have a good time on; laid back. The fact that it is whitelisted is just a bonus!
    A little about myself: Well, generally I am a pretty nice person, tend to survive with at least one other person but other than that keep to myself (such as not bothering others for items I can get myself, etc). I will generally help others if I have the resources and time, as well as help anyone who may have questions about Mods (if I know said Mods in question, of course!). Overall, I am pretty laid back and try to be helpful.
  10. Arjun123

    Arjun123 New Member

    IGN: Arjun623
    I have been playing ftb for about 3 months and my favorite mod thus far has been Redpower or Thermal Expansion. In my builds i try to create an aesthetic look while still making it highly functional. Hopefully I can work with some people on the server as i am always up for teamwork/helping others. I am 18 so I am in highschool but i usually am on for at least 2-4 hours a day depending on if my internet is not acting up. If theres anything else you need leave me a reply or you can message me. Thanks :p
  11. mgpnitro222

    mgpnitro222 New Member

    hi i would love to join this server i really like FTB, im 12 years old and my best mod is msycraft and i like helping people (working for them) ive never been banned of a server :) oh ye my name is mgpnitro222 i dont have anyone sceenshots but i can asure u im amazing at building !
  12. Fuzzmasterxp

    Fuzzmasterxp New Member

    IGN: Fuzzmasterxp

    Hi there! I am fairly new to the ultimate pack but I have played around with most of the mods within it. My favorite one is probably thaumcraft 3 though red power is a very close second. Just looking for a good server to play with people. I will usually play for a hour on weekdays and then for a good deal longer on weekends depending on my schedule.
  13. StreetKing

    StreetKing New Member

    IGN: AnikiRamen
    Age: 17
    Why do I want to join server ?: 1-I've just started playing FTB and I thought the best way to get the hang of all those different mods is to play on a server where I can be taught about the mods and learn from my mistakes 2-I usually like playing on small community servers because of the absence of griefing and kind/helpful players who are playing to have fun and build amazing contraptions.
    Pictures of my work / Favourite Mod: As stated earlier , I've just started FTB so i can't really show you anything or tell you my favourite mod.
    About me:Now this is the tricky part. I've always believed and will always believe that you can't judge yourself, only people can judge you. For example, you can't say I am a nice and helpful guy(Although you might really be one) but when u hear people saying it , this is when you know that you are a nice and helpful guy even after confirming that , you can't still say it because I think that's arrogant to some extent. At the same time, you can't say people are telling that I am a nice and helpful guy for the same reason. I know it's a bit complicated but I hope this doesn't change your mind about my application :p.
  14. nega_skoll

    nega_skoll New Member

    Real name = Harry Stupple
    IGN = nega_skoll
    age = 14
    i have played ftb for the last 6 months and before that i play tekkit for another 3 months, i know all vanilla recipes and i am very good with Ic2 but by far my Favorited mod is redpower, i have not been banned ever and i cannot upload any builds of automation as i haven't yet figured out how to build an automated sorting and processing system but i do have great pride in building structures as i have been told many times my buildings are awesome, on the last server i was on i used 48 stacks of neatherbrick and 7 diamond saws to make a 3 x 3 enterence look awesome.
  15. NeoOTV

    NeoOTV New Member

    I've been following FTB since the Dire was playing it with Slowpoke101 and Nearbygamer, and I've been playing Techmods since shortly after I started
    playing Minecraft (before 1.7.3 beta)
    Country:Canada (EST)
    My favourite mod... a little hard to say, I'd say Thermal Expansion, Thaumcraft or Xycraft for now. Railcraft and Factorization close behind.
  16. Wamboz

    Wamboz New Member

    All before this post have been added. :)
  17. Ryan784

    Ryan784 New Member

    I am having trouble connecting :( Says I am not whitelisted. May a Server restart be necessary?
    My IGN again is: Ryan784
  18. NeoOTV

    NeoOTV New Member

    Yeah, same problem with me.
  19. Wamboz

    Wamboz New Member

    Also all whitelists go into effect after restarts, i restart server every few hours, just did one now
  20. frogger35

    frogger35 New Member


    IGN: frogger35
    Age: 16 years young ;)

    FTB experience: 8 months or so​

    Info: I know a lot about almost every mod out there in the different packs. Being with a group of people is really big with me on servers as I can't really design any buildings but all your technical needs I can meet :D. I love helping out people when they have issues and learning from others as I go along. Don't have a favorite mod as I love them all. Hate/love Gregtech.

    Thanks for reading my post,
    Hope to see ya all in game :D.

    P.S. I don't like frogs ;)

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