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Open Server UK FTB Magic World 2 dedicated Server! Towny, No Lag, 24/7, New World, Professional Staff!

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by THEMiiNiSTER, Feb 9, 2014.


    THEMiiNiSTER New Member


    Hello there, If you are on this forum then you are most likely looking for an FTB server to play on either by yourself or with some friends or even make some new friends! You have come to right place! Here at Colossal Craft we are always looking for new players to join and enjoy themselves right of the bat!

    Server iP - MW2.C-Craft.co:25501

    The server owners are xHueYYx, Maxcel23 and Myself, THEMiiNiSTER. We have been part of a large FTB community as admins for some time now and have decided to give hosting our own server a try. We treat all players with respect and try our best to come across in a professional manner at all times. The server has been upgraded to a physical dedicated server to make your experience better!

    We have a nice amount of plugins balanced for both fun and security. Including CoreProtect and DisguiseCraft!

    A website linked to our server for ease and fun. Please feel free to check it out and leave feedback!

    The server uses Towny to protect land and items which is an advebture in its self! Choose to with create or join a town! Why not turn your expanding town into a nation and become an Emperor some day?

    Server has no current lag issues and as our player base/community grows we will upgrade the server as we see fit.

    We look forward yo you joining our server and at least giving us a chance to get going!

    Thank you for reading, xHueYYx & THEMiiNiSTER & Maxcel23

    Server Specs!

    32GB Ram
    Quad Core with Hyper threading 3.4GHz Intel i7
    240gb SSD
    1TB HHD for backups

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  2. Julepalme

    Julepalme New Member

    Currently running 1.0.1 - as of 9th February.

    Admin - ColossalCraft

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

  4. xHueYYx

    xHueYYx New Member

    We look forward to seeing you :)

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    New PVP Arena coming soon to battle it out for items/loot!

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member


    THEMiiNiSTER New Member


    THEMiiNiSTER New Member


    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Have you seen our trailer yet??? Check it out. Its in our main post and also on your website

  10. xHueYYx

    xHueYYx New Member

    Server growing by the day :p
  11. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    New servers added. Check out our website for details. Join now to be part of a large and growing gaming community
  12. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    New counter lag mods have been installed server side to help with any lag experienced. Check us out today!
  13. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Come and join our new Servers now! Check the webpage for further info!
  14. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Come and join our new Servers now! Check the webpage for further info!
  15. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Servers now merged into 1. Check website for details. IP is MW2.C-Craft.co:25501

    3 Worlds in one server to choose from. The choice is yours!
  16. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Lots of new people joining with open towns to choose from. Come try us out today :)[DOUBLEPOST=1413237383,1408442429][/DOUBLEPOST]New world generated for you to explorer! Enjoy!
  17. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    New BOP world created to explore!

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