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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Sulayemax, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Sulayemax

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    Well the problem seems to be pretty easy and in the same time very annoying. When i'm trying to get inside Lich Tower, i can't. There is no entrance and whenever i want to break one block some kind of green shield with mini-squares appears on the entire building/ section of building. A big shield that i can't penetrate but just in creative mod. And it wouldnt be the problem this fact if beside this i couldnt fight even the mods. I hit them but i can't make any damage, expet ofcrouse in creative. I don't know the problem and i really want some help. Also i don't have the FTB modpack installed i installed only the twilight forest mod. But i coulndt find any help on other sites so can someone explain and help me the situation? Thank you.
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    Which Version of Twilight is it? If it's a newer 7.10 version it may be the progression system. You may have to kill a naga before you can attempt the lich tower. If all else fails, nerd pole for the win
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    Not sure about the particle effects, I would guess it's locked. Never ran across that bit. As for the block textures, that seems to be the creators method to prevent typical smash and grab associated with Minecraft dungeoneering. Once you beat the Lich, I believe that you can break blocks again, don't have much other info on diverging from this. Best to double check the wiki or look around further. Wish I could help further, All I know for sure is that the particle effect things takes place in locked biomes. IE, dark forest causes blindness, Swamps cause extreme hunger and a quick death, and the thorny hills biomes have an acid rain effect
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    Check the achievements panel, it will show you your TF progression.
    Sometimes, dropping the boss drops and picking them up again will help.
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