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I posted about this yesterday in the relevant News thread but it was deleted with no explanation or message, thanks for that basic courtesy, no really you're welcome.

So how's FTB's amazing strategic partnership with Nerd Kingdom going, two years on?

How's the amazing FTB modding portal? On a game that was mysteriously rolled back to OpenGL basics after three years of work on DX? For which the Kickstarter backers are still waiting for any of the "rewards"?

Did Nerd Kingdom give FTB any of that lovely Chinese mobile gaming money they got when they sold 62% of their firm to IGG, a company that banks in a Caymans tax haven, just two years after they said in the Kickstarter pitch that they would never, ever bite the corporate *and that was the entire reason they were Kickstarting in the first place? Oooh la la, quelle responsibilité sociale.

Did I read it right, that they're actually taking out the voxels from the terrain? So it's not going to be a voxel game any more but more like a * version of Rust or Ark with Disney-style cavemen?

Did I read it right that they bought up something called the Katana Social Metrics Engine, a tool to relentlessly analyse gaming behaviour? So you can run a Minecraft server that tracks exactly what everyone does in order to relentlessly maximise your microtransactions income? That sounds like lovely community fun and not in the slightest bit like something a total * would do.

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The Partnership with NK has long since stopped being a thing, you'll notice a distinct lack of any of their logos anywhere. If you are trying to cause a ruckus over the methodology of a third party games developer that we used to deal with then you are barking up the wrong tree. I would take the opportunity to read the forum rules before posting because you are now really close to a ban.
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