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  1. So, im looking for some recipes...
    we want the higspeed locomotive running from one base to another, but we cant find the crafting recipe....tried everything with steel for now.
    can someone help me with this, or is there a list?
    nothing against the research idea, but so far the trial and error system is just stupid crap.
  2. danidas

    danidas Well-Known Member

    Their is no list of recipes other then the basic components on the wiki. Best thing to do is experiment in the train crafting tables and note that stack size does matter in the recipes. How ever it is not possible to use too much of any thing just not enough of each component.

    If you want the easiest way to figure them out is to go into creative mode and give your self a stack of each component to go to town with in the tables.
  3. tried that and i have noticed that stack size doesnt matters for researching.
    i put in all the steel gear in the T2 table and got 3 different trains.
    so far so good...but i need the electric T3, only steel can fit in here, no boilers, no dye, nothing like that, but all i can get is the flat car.

    i hope they will rework the research sytem in the future or give some hints.

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