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Tips on reducing lag

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by MFINN23, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. MFINN23

    MFINN23 New Member

    yeah, that's what I'm guessing lol
  2. ExTestEx

    ExTestEx New Member

    Never, Use an Texture, Pack, Other, Than, Normal, Pack....
  3. sondrex76

    sondrex76 New Member

    redpower is MUCh MUCH MUCH laggier then buildcraft in 1.4.7, in 1.2.5 buildcraft lagged more but redpower have not been optimized as much as buildcraft. (the pipes from redpower is a special tile entity witch is laggy and not needed)
  4. sondrex76

    sondrex76 New Member

    well if thats your problem i may know whats your problem with lag, i got the same problem i got lag on multimc, ftb launcher and such programs but the normal minecraft launcher did not lag. i found out that my computer was using the internal graphics card instead of the main one...when i made the deafult the real grapichs card the lag dissapeared from multimc and FTB launcher (from 3-5 fps vanilla texturepack to 70-100fps 64xsphax) now if you are using your real grapichs card (sorry for my grammar) i dont know whats your problem.
  5. Eunomiac

    Eunomiac New Member

    Rather than post a new topic making the same point (though probably with a less catchy headline), I've decided to have a go at the Dark Arts of Necromancy.

    Anyways, I was searching for ways to reduce TPS lag on servers, and I found a confusing exchange about FPS lag. But amid that was this. It made me check my Java version, even though I wasn't getting that orange update alert. (This would otherwise be a rather random and unlikely thing for me to do.) Lo and behold: I was two whole versions behind.

    The moral? Always check to see that you're keeping your Java up to date.

  6. darman81

    darman81 New Member

    You said you have your performance on power saver? NEVER have it on power saver.Keep it on max FPS. On power saver it can reduce your cpu usage to 1%.
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