Closed Tinkers Contstruct Smashing II Upgrade only works on Cobblestone



Summary of the problem Tinkers Contstruct Smashing II Upgrade only works on Cobblestone

Pack Version 3.0.0

What is the bug? Unlike Smashing I you can only use cobblestone to get Gravel, when trying to mine the Gravel nothing happens same with Sand.

Mod & Version Ex Compressum & Tinkers Construct

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? 1) Build a Tinkers Pickaxe
2) Buiild a Double Compressed Diamond Hammer
3) Use them to get Smashing II on your Tinkers Pickaxe
4) Try Mining Gravel to get Sand or Sand to get Dust

Known Fix Get it to work with Grave and Sand or remove the Double Compressed Diamond Hammer so you cant "waste" 72 Diamonds crafting it.


I just tested it in my world. When using the Smashing II pickaxe, you can only hammer cobblestone. However, if you put Smashing II on a shovel it works on gravel and sand.


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Jul 29, 2019
This modifier is going to be removed in the next update. Any tools with the modifier currently will still keep the modifier. The fix to expand the blocks you can smash is to add the "blasting" modifier to the tool.