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Whitelist Server The Underground Server [1.6.4 v1.0.11][PvE][Whitelist][Teamspeak]

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by RedIceMage, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. RedIceMage

    RedIceMage Active Member

    The IP address is TheUndergroundServer.lax9.creeperhost.net
    Teamspeak address is something you will have to get in-game

    Server Rules:
    -NO griefing
    -Destroying others builds
    -Do not disrespect other Players
    -Do not create exessive lag

    Whitelist application:
    Experience with mods:
    Banned y/n:
    Why ^:
    What else would you like to say:

    Include DW20 in a sentence in the what else would you like to say question above.

    Please refrain from complaining in this post.We well be keeping up to date with the pack so if the world resets because of Big Problems.......So be it.

    Donations when set up will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate to make this server better this is the link http://adorff336.wix.com/theundergroundserver

    Applications are one try only, failure of the application the first time and you will not be considered for acceptance ever again.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013
  2. Gillas

    Gillas Member

    IGN: xGillas
    Age: 14
    Experience with mods: lots of experiences i play mods more than 1 year
    Banned y/n: n
    Why ^: N/A
    what else would you like to say: i like playing with good and friendly community and prefer harmonic game... like building modern buildings and design
  3. C04L

    C04L Active Member

    IGN: C04L (C zero four L)
    Age: 42
    Experience with mods: I have experience of 90% of DW's pk mods. played MC since nrly two years. Played FTB since DW did the pyramid skybock.
    Banned y/n: No
    Why ^:
    what else would you like to say: DW20 has always inspired me to keep playing MC. I'm looking to play Dw20's mod pack with friendly people hopefully making new friends. Love to help people too.
  4. Candybox1091

    Candybox1091 New Member

    IGN: Candybox1091
    Age:19 (male)
    Experience with mods:i have been playing tekkit for a while , got bored with it and started playing direwolf , i like it , alot :) ,i'm not that good yet with the modpack but i'm a fast learner so shouldn't take me too long
    Banned y/n: No
    Why ^: /
    what else would you like to say: if modpacks wouldn't exist i wouldn't be playing minecraft anymore , i'm a friendly guy , i dislike playing alone and i have been watching DW20 for a while , first for his extensive reviews on mods , then for his modpack gameplay

    i hope you will accept me

    i did read the rules yes

    Hope to see you soon
  5. RedIceMage

    RedIceMage Active Member

    Thank you C04L, you are now white-listed.
  6. Footykid3

    Footykid3 Member

    Whitelist application:
    IGN: footykid3
    Experience with mods: I've played tekkit for about 6 month. I learned how to use mods such as buildcraft and Equalivent Exchange at a early stage. Once FTB came out I started to play with the mod pack. I've learned how to use almost all the mods in the pack. My favorites being thaumcraft and and thermal expansion. On my single player world I've researched all the thaumcraft items. So, this has led me to becoming very good with research and use of many items in thaumcraft. In thermal expansion I love to mess with a bunch of machines and create super compact sorting systems that smelt, pulverize, and sort. Also love creating small machines to just to create lots of cobble or sand without any lag.
    Banned y/n: no
    Why ^:
    what else would you like to say: I've read the rules. Also I'm looking to start of a youtube channel. I hope that your server is a nice community for me to start up and expand my channel. I've watched Direwolf20 for about an year now and he has help me understand all the mods even the complex ones like extrabees. I hope to spread my knowledge to everyone else on your server.
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  7. RedIceMage

    RedIceMage Active Member

    Thank you footykid3 , you are now white-listed
  8. Candybox1091

    Candybox1091 New Member

    I'm sorry , i updated it and added what i forgot
  9. RedIceMage

    RedIceMage Active Member

    Thank you, now you are now whitelisted.
  10. Dame_xD

    Dame_xD Active Member

    Whitelist application:
    IGN: Dame_xD
    Age: 22
    Experience with mods: I've been playing with mods since FTB release
    Banned y/n: no
    Why ^:
    what else would you like to say: I got into mods/FTB ever since i watched DW20's pyramid series, ever since then ive always watched his video and have been looking for a great friendly community to join :)
  11. Soap

    Soap New Member

    Experience with mods:Lots
    Banned y/n:Never
    Why ^:
    what else would you like to say:I am just looking for a DW20 Server to do lots of bee stuff
  12. RedIceMage

    RedIceMage Active Member

    Thank you Dame, you are now whitelisted[DOUBLEPOST=1362701812][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Thank you Soap, you are now whiteliseted.
  13. Arjun123

    Arjun123 New Member

    Age: 17
    Experience with mods: over a year and a half
    Banned y/n: not once
    Why ^:
    what else would you like to say: Hope to have a fun time on the server
  14. Pandaswinn

    Pandaswinn New Member

    IGN: Pandaswinn
    Age: 18
    Experience with mods: Most of them are familiar from past, such as Industrial Craft 2, Buildcraft, Redpower, Thaumcraft.
    Banned y/n: n
    Why ^:
    what else would you like to say: I like to play on server with good community, getting bored of the fact how glitched the forge is on singleplayer causing worlds to become corrupted after first use and what comes to PvP on Minecraft, I never really liked it, which makes this server pretty good in my opinion, by just reading the information of it, DW20 pack is probably the best pack, for a pc that can't handle a lot of minecraft mods, like Mindcrack pack is containing a lot more mods, which pretty much are draining your pc's specs to its highest. Fiorestry Bees are pretty boring to do alone on singleplayer, which is pretty much one of the few reasons why I am looking forward to find a good server with good community, I don't care what people says about bees, but I love them, maybe thats just cause I'm a girl.
    Did you read the rules y/n: y
  15. RedIceMage

    RedIceMage Active Member

    Thank you, you are now whitelisted.
  16. Notelok

    Notelok New Member

    IGN: Notelok
    Age: 21
    Experience with mods: Started with tekkit, got a pretty good feel for everything in the modpack, with the exepction of Bees, but they look fun.
    Banned y/n: No
    Why ^:
    what else would you like to say:Really enjoy playing this modpack, would love to join a community of other DW20 fans, tried a few open servers but they all had a lot of mods turned off. Looking forward to joining and helping everyone out as I can.
  17. Lirannl

    Lirannl Active Member

    Experience with mods:I am very expirienced with all of the mods except mffs
    Banned y/n:n
    Why ^:
    what else would you like to say:
    Iv'e been playing tekkit for 1 year, and Iv'e moved to FTB BETA A 3 months ago (I think), then I played on DW20 pack for 2 months from now, and I'm subscribed to him and follow his sp and mp series.
    I want to join this server because 1. It's updating fast (5.2.0 already is very fast)
    2.The community seems friendly and mature
    3.I want to expirience mods and items I couldn't on open servers because they were banned, I want to build machines that can use ALL the features avalible.
    (Don't worry, I won't make like 2000 ages and I won't chunkload 5000000 chunks [I'm just giving big numbers to make it clear] that would lag your server)
    I would also like to master mffs
    Did you read the rules y/n: y, And I accept the rules
  18. Alexander_18

    Alexander_18 Member

    IGN: Alexander_18
    Age: 14
    Experience with mods: yes, experienced most mods in the DW20 modpack plus more
    Banned y/n: no
    Why ^:
    what else would you like to say: I am looking to work with a couple people on a server to do awesome stuff, I played tekkit for a long time until i discovered feed the beast and have been playing it since it came out!
  19. RedIceMage

    RedIceMage Active Member

    Thenk you Notelok, you are now now whitelisted.
  20. P46EY

    P46EY Active Member

    IGN P46EY
    Age 38
    Experience with mods : The 1st time I ever played MC was using a torrent Id downloaded that contained most of the mods included in the FTB packs which was probably around a year or so ago (MC 1.81 was the vanilla version IIRC).Im pretty much an all rounder although my knowledge of Computercraft is basic at best.
    Banned: Never
    Have you read the rules : yes
    What else would you like to say?: Im just looking for a friendly and active server with a community that I can get involved in. Im currently already whitelisted on another DW20 server but,although its a great server and Im pretty far into my builds (got the grav suit etc), the place has become a bit of a ghost town lately.
    Edited... Forgot to include DW20 in the section above :p
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