"The Hourglass" Simple Wither Boss Farm - FTB Monster

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  1. I tried other ways, of course in older packs you could just kill him in a force field but I guess anything that can kill the wither quick enough to not let him fly upward would do the trick, maybe a powerful weapon in a autonomous activator. I even tried spawning two withers to let them be occupied with each other long enough that they wouldn't fly up and then kill them, but the wither skulls sometimes fly upward randomly destroying the spawning apparatus. But yeah the trick is really to kill the wither almost instantly upon explosion.
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    An Idea that I've had is to use TT to push him around a little

    So get the kinetic attractor (whichever one is the mob one). Design your spawning section slightly back from the drop tube (L shaped)
    Place a repulsion kinetic attractor next to the AA's, and an attracting one at the bottom of your tube, that should be enough to push him away from the spawning area and then lock it down the bottom of the tube. So using this method you could use spikes even to kill the wither.[DOUBLEPOST=1400369629][/DOUBLEPOST]Now to figure out a way to adapt this to AgS >(
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  3. Nice one, I will be testing this out now. I never thought of this, with that you could just lock the withers movement completely meaning it is easy. This should work a charm but i will test it.
  4. As a note of warning for anyone looking to build this in 1.1.2 of FTB monster or any pack with updated expandedredstone. This will no longer work as it is shown in the video. However, I will be soon posting my revised wither boss farm that does work and should for a while whilst not requiring any type of instant killing mechanism. And should also be possible in other mod packs such as Agrarian skies :)

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    Nether Stars are not gone in DW 1.0.21 - they are vanilla items

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