The Abandoned Laboratory -- A FTB Starter Map

Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by Oldbombadil, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Boes

    Boes New Member

    Very nice map and design.... i'm having a hard time building in this map because i want to keep what i build to match as much as possible.
    First major change for the lower level
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  2. Oldbombadil

    Oldbombadil New Member

    That looks pretty slick man, like how the facades look actually... I might use this design once I move in :) I'm playing straight survival and have yet to move out of the village
  3. Boes

    Boes New Member

    it's panels on redpower tube frames, there are 8 levels which the buttons on the end will let you raise or lower it down... and will work a lot better once i figure out how to get it to pulse twice per button push.
  4. Minkot Regudar

    Minkot Regudar New Member

    I have found a few secrets, but I would like to see more, to be honest.
    By the way, there is a simply amazing cave system nearby - past the pumpkins/lava patch and down into the mines one goes...
  5. Oldbombadil

    Oldbombadil New Member

    Glad you are enjoying yourself :) I started a cave down from the village. Really like the nether spawn, I ended up perched atop an enormous lava lake.
  6. nandi910

    nandi910 New Member

    Looks really nice,downloading right now.
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  7. Oldbombadil

    Oldbombadil New Member

    Thanks Nandi910 hope that you enjoy
  8. Blaze

    Blaze New Member

    Looks epic. You are truly a epic builder. NOTCH APPROVES THIS MAP.
  9. wilkinau

    wilkinau New Member

    This looks amazing, not only that, the exact kind of biome location that I want is there with the lab. I am so looking forward to using this world. Also, do you have a power system set up and if so what is it?

    P.S. If anyone has a great guide on how to go about using and making solar panels, that would be awesome. They are awesome but the Advanced solar panel seems very hard to make on survival
  10. Oldbombadil

    Oldbombadil New Member

    There is nothing at all to help out a newcomer in this map! You have to conquer this base for yourself if you want to use it :) None of that give a quarry at the start.
  11. Bobodamonkey

    Bobodamonkey New Member

    What pack was used to generate the world?
  12. Oldbombadil

    Oldbombadil New Member

    Well DW20 was used to generate it. However, I can't remember which version it was. It was before Applied Energistics and Reliquary were included. If there are any problems with chunks not containing materials you can simply wander out to a new set of chunks or alternately create a mystcraft age depending on the mod pack used.
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  13. Ripton

    Ripton New Member

    The map is amazing I have just one simple question, why it always changes the time to noon? I even tried to set it by hand (time set command) but it got midnight for a second and it changed back to day. Is there a command block or something?
  14. Oldbombadil

    Oldbombadil New Member

    That sounds like a setting I enabled in NEI. If you go into creative mode and left click the 2 suns and 2 moons in the upper left corner it should fix it.
  15. Bryan Smith

    Bryan Smith New Member

    Thank you so much! I have been looking for something like this forever!
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  16. Oldbombadil

    Oldbombadil New Member

    Well glad to hear that! I've been collaborating with the misses into getting another map released. Not 100% sure what the theme would be this time or if it will come to be though. Enjoy!
  17. Flameshot02

    Flameshot02 New Member

    could you tell me hot to do it on a mac?
  18. ryter78

    ryter78 New Member

  19. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

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  20. ryter78

    ryter78 New Member

    Thank you kind sir, I love kitties! <3

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