Open Thaumcraft Focus Pouch does not work in baubles Belt Slot



Summary of the problem Thaumcraft Focus Pouch does not work in baubles Belt Slot

Pack Version 2.5.4

What is the bug? Create a Focus Pouch, verify that Focii are accessed and store back into the pouch (use the "F" key while holding a staff / wand / scepter).

Open the bauble windows and put the Focus Pouch into the intended Bauble belt slot.

If you still have a focii in your main inventory, using F will let you select them, and the previously installed focus will be stored in the Focus Pouch. However none of the stored focii are available for selection.

Pull the Focus Pouch back into the main inventory, and you can then select them and store them as usual.

Mod & Version Thaumcraft-1.7.10-

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes.

Known Fix Workaround, keep the Focus Pouch in your main inventory and never in the Baubles belt slot.

(This is very likely a Thaumcraft bug, but it might be some sort of mod compatibility problem)


I tried this in single player mode, and the Focus Pouch worked fine in the bauble slot. Multiplayer mod bug?
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