Thaumcraft 4 - A quick way to discover all aspects (updated for 4.2):

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    Updated for Thaumcraft 4.2

    If you quickly want access to all the aspects, with a minimum of manual aspect combining, then read on.

    This Mini-Guide does not cover anything added by other mods. Depending on your modpack, there might be better ways to get to an aspect.

    It doesn't matter which item/block you choose for discovering an aspect. For every newly discovered aspect you will gain a flat bonus of two research points. (I believe the bonus used to be item-dependent)

    Pro-Tip: Go scan some Bedrock! It's worth a lot of Research Points.

    Start by combinig Aqua and Terra in the "Research Table" to get Victus.
    There is no easy way to scan for Victus (at least that I know of) and it is a prerequisite for a lot of other aspects. While you're at it, combine Aer and Aqua to make Tempestas, the weather aspect, it's not a prerequisite for other aspects but since you can't scan the weather, you'll have to combine it anyway. (Weather you like it or not)

    Now, scan these items and blocks in order:
    1. Torch --> Lux
    2. Coal, Coal Ore --> Potenia
    3. Grass Block --> Herba
    4. Trapdoor --> Motus & Arbor
    5. Chest, Bowl --> Vacuos
    6. Glass Block --> Vitreus
    7. Potion of weakness --> Mortuus & Praecantatio
      • or alternatively:
      • Research: (Victus + Perditio) --> Mortuus
      • Any Shard, Mossy Cobble, Chiseled Sandst. --> Praecantatio
    8. Chicken --> Volatus & Bestia
    9. Soul Sand --> Spiritus & Vinculum
      • or if you not have been to the nether yet:
      • Skeleton Skull, Zombie Head --> Spiritus
      • Amber --> Vinculum
    10. Paper --> Cognito
    11. Rotten Flesh --> Humanus & Corpus
    12. Wheat, Bread, Apple, Carrot, Potato --> Fames & Messis
    13. Flint --> Instrumentum
    14. Obsidian --> Tenebrae

    And then you can scan the rest (no particular order necessary):
    • Any one block tall vanilla Flower --> Sensus
    • Wool --> Fabrico & Pannus
    • Spider Eye --> Venenum (and also Sensus)
    • Snow, Ice --> Gelum
    • Milk Bucket --> Sano
    • Any Hoe --> Meto
    • Any Pickaxe --> Perfodio
    • Arrow --> Telum
    • Leather, any Armor --> Tutamen
    • Hopper, Cinnabar Ore(has also Venenum) --> Permutatio
    • Fence Gate --> Machina & Iter
    • Iron Ingot, Iron Ore --> Metallum
    • Gold --> Lucrum
    • Zombie, Skellington --> Exanimis
    • Ender Pearl, Blaze , Obsidian Totem --> Alienis
    • Slimeball --> Limus
    • Tainted Goo --> Vitium (and also Limus)
    • Ethereal Essence (any Aspect) --> Auram

    Old Thaumcraft 4.0 Guide:
    First, research these in order:
    1. Torch --> Lux
    2. Stone, Cobble --> Saxum
    3. Coal --> Potenia
    4. Bedrock, Bowl --> Vacuos
    5. Research: (Aqua + Terra) --> Victus
    6. Seeds --> Granum
    7. Gras --> Herba
    8. any Wood --> Arbor
    9. Trapdoor --> Motus
    10. Iron Ingot, Ore --> Metallum
    11. Potion of weakness --> Mortuus & Praecantatio
      • or alternatively:
      • Research: (Victus + Perditio) --> Mortuus
      • Mossy Cobble, Chiseled Sandst. --> Praecantatio
    12. Chicken --> Volatus & Bestia
    13. Soul Sand --> Spiritus & Vinculum
    14. Paper --> Cognito
    15. Rotten Flesh --> Humanus & Corpus
    16. Flint --> Instrumentum
    17. Wool --> Fabrico & Pannus
    18. Cake (Item) --> Fames, Messis & Sano
      • or alternatively:
      • Apple --> Fames & Messis
      • Milk Bucket --> Sano (not a requirement for other aspects)
    19. Obsidian --> Tenebrae
    Then research these (no particular order necessary):
    • Snow, Ice --> Gelum
    • Blaze, Obsidian Totem --> Alienis
    • Diamond --> Lucrum & Vitreus
      • or alternatively:
      • Gold Ingot --> Lucrum
      • Glas --> Vitreus
    • Slime --> Limus
    • Fence Gate --> Machina & Iter
    • Ethereal Essence --> Auram
    • Zombie, Skellington --> Exanimis
    • Spider Eye --> Venenum, --> Sensus
    • Any Hoe, Farmland --> Meto
    • Arrow --> Telum
    • Leather, any Armor --> Tutamen
    • Any Pickaxe --> Perfodio
    • Tainted Goo --> Vitium
    • Research: (Aer + Aqua) --> Tempestas
    Anybody (who sees some value in these guidelines) is free to include them in their own Guide, repost them, or do whatever they want with it.
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    I've included a link to this in the aspect post of my guide as I said I would.
    Thanks for this, it's handy as heck!
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    Because on discovering an aspect you get double the amount on the item, to maximize the aspects you get, you may want to tweak this list slightly. Make your first discovery of an aspect on an item with the most of that aspect possible.

    For example, research an iron block for metallum and a diamond/gold block for lucrum instead of ingots.

    optimal objects also vary if other TC4 mods are installed such as Dartcraft (the Force Rod has a wopping 16 Permutatio that doubles to 32 if it's how you discover it--takes care of your transmutation research nicely). If you have TiC installed use a slime block instead of a slime ball.
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    Any time after Motus is discovered, looking at a nether portal block will get Iter and it's worth 4 points which gets doubled to 8.

    I also tried a zombie brain instead of paper for cognito, and got corpus and exanimus too. But I had used an egg to get another pre-req earlier (bestia maybe?), don't recall exactly where.
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    Instead of Tainted Goo (which is crazy hard to find) you can scan a sludge pool for Vitium
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    Anything from Dartcraft has crazy amounts of aspect points, so try analyzing them if you've added this mod to your pack.
    Two noteworthy items are what you get by grinding feathers and the Roc's Feather, which give 8 and 16 points of Auram respectively. Also, I believe pulverized glass has 8 Vitium points, and soul wafers have 32 Victus and Spiritus (gasp).

    Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that analyzing the deep storage unit from MFR results in something interesting. Throwing that into a crucible does something even more interesting.
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    When I put aer and aqua in the research table I get ordo, not temptestas. Help?
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    And that is motus, not Ordo. Aer+Motus=Tempestas
    Also nice derailing necro -_-
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    People are shouted at all the time for opening new topics and not using search function, when someone uses search funtion they get shouted at for necroposting. You just can't win :p
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    I never see anyone getting shouted at for new topics, besides when the topic being referenced is less than 2 weeks old
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    Is this chart still accurate for current ThaumCraft? (specifically, whatever Jaded has cooked up for us in AgSkies)
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    close enough. things has changes slightly in 1.7 but most of it should still work.
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    Thaumcraft in 1.7 has specific tips when scanning. So what doesn't work exactly from this post, will have a tip on how to proceed.
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    It turns out. All I really need to run around and start to scan everything is humanus. My trick is to build the research table and mix these in order :
    Victus : earth+water
    Mortus : victus+perditio
    Spiritus : victus + Mortus
    Bestia : Victus + earth
    Cognitio : Spiritus + earth
    humanus : Cognitio + Bestia

    Then I only need a seed, a food and a wheat to analyse.
    I find easier now to just build the arbor as well.
    herba : terra+victus
    arbor : herba + aer
    Vaccuos : are + perditio
    fames : vaccuos + victus
    During your research you'll stumble upon rare aspects that you might have missed until now :
    Auram : Magic + aer
    Lucrum : gold
    Limus : water + victus or rubber resin

    Edit: 22/03/2015
    Several nodes hold tenebrea now, you need lux before you venture to scan them
    lux : ignis + aer
    "You need to research glass" before you can scan all your so juicy TE machines
    vitreus : terra + ordo
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    Thank you SO much! This was very useful.
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    . .
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    Hey, you try getting started in an UHS server.
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    Your post adds nothing to the discussion.
    A simple like would have the same result without giving us an alert for a thread we have not seen in months.
    Also in case OP is still on the forums, it may be worth mentioning that swords are a good alternative to arrows.
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