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Discussion in 'Brizzle' started by Brizzle, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Brizzle

    Brizzle New Member

    The premise is simple you need power systems and yet you can't generate it on your own. The world will have several different types of run down power generation (Coal plant, Nuclear, hydroelectric, Etc.). You will have to seek them out and build your infrastructure around it. You can play singleplayer however I'm building it with community building in mind. In my head on servers many little cities will crop up with people living in together or at least in proximity.

    If you have input for this pack go ahead and suggest them here.
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  2. adamich

    adamich New Member

    will players have ability to move generators in over places?
  3. Brizzle

    Brizzle New Member

    I idea was no, there would be structures that contain the generators(world gen). The building you could rip down and build in a design that you like. I will listen to anyone's ideas for this though.
  4. Umbra27

    Umbra27 New Member

    Do you plan on having the players find their own fuel for these power plants or will it be readily available
  5. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    How would you prevent players from moving generators around?
    How will you handle chunkloading in the event that players play with generators dispersed everywhere?
    Do you have ideas for power transmission over long distances?
  6. Brizzle

    Brizzle New Member

    There will be Railcraft so chunk loaders are around. As well as there will be plenty of power locations to pick from. I have not decided density yet. As for power transmission, the key here is long distances, I have no thought of that being a thing the point of uncraftable power is that you have to build infrastructure around it.

    Oh and prevent players from moving generators will be done one of 2 ways, either they will drop nothing when broken or they will be made with unbreakable hardness.
  7. Brizzle

    Brizzle New Member

    You will have to feed them depending on power type. Solar farm/hydroelectric would not require you to feed them. Hydroelectric will be balanced by you needing to craft the wheels and those wheels will only generate the power when placed on the proper kinetic generator.
  8. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Good stuff.

    The reason I was confused is that you said players would build "infrastructure" around the generators. Don't confuse this with "consumers". Infrastructure in this context would be stuff that is directly related to the generation and/or transmission of power.
    • A quarry is not infrastructure.
    • A Buildcraft laser array is not infrastructure.
    • Energy pipes are infrastructure.
    • An MFR harvester in a biofuel operation could be considered infrastructure.
    Now I think I understand you better: if players want to build an expensive laser array, they'll be encouraged to build that consumer near an appropriate generation facility. This is an interesting pack motif.
  9. Brizzle

    Brizzle New Member

    With news from COFH I do think I will be building this pack for 1.8.9
  10. Brizzle

    Brizzle New Member

    Is there any thoughts that i should not wait for 1.8.9 and just port it there later?
  11. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    You are going to be waiting anyway. A lot of mechanics are being tweaked for the COFH suite of mods. Also is there even a mod tweaker available to give you what you need for your idea.

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  12. Brizzle

    Brizzle New Member

    Yup Jared has released a mod tweaker also i have no need for Cody
  13. fingerofgod23

    fingerofgod23 New Member

    Wait, so are you not going to wait for 1.8.9 or are you? Would definitely give this pack a shot however:

    What if you had different tiers for said structures? As in, to support different amounts of players. Actually in my head I feel like you already planned that, but what do I know? This also sounds like a breeding ground for faction servers but I suppose that's really up to individual server owners.
    Anyways, this looks good, will be keeping an eye out for this. Do you have a name for it yet?
  14. Brizzle

    Brizzle New Member

    Name I do not. And waiting, hmmmm I really don't know. I'm getting sort of impatient, but I be the second I finish all the mods I need will be released

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