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Jul 29, 2019

WereWolf Hub Thread or something I don't know

Signup Thread

1. No screenshots of coversations. (Unless you're leader)
2. Go crazy with ghosting. Don't influence anyone though, and no spam.
3. You must invite me to all convos.
4. Constructive Critism is advised.

If there is just one twin, that twin will become a villager.
+ = Villager, wins with village and good others.

- = Wolf, other wolves and evil others.

# = Others, win conditions stated in role description.

+ Villager: Your Basic Villager, survives on the safety of others. If lynchvotes are tied, the BASIC VILLAGERS can decide on who dies.

+ Defender: Can defend someone succesfully without dieing. The second time the Defender defends someone succesfully, the attacker and defender dies.

+ Leader: Is allowed to screenshot the conversation that their leader. Their vote counts as two once revealed. Once the screenshot is posted, it cannot be deleted.

+ Interrogator: Inspects a person each night to get their role. Fails if the target or Interrogator is roleblocked.

+ Panicker: Shows up with a random role to Interrogator. There is a 15% chance this role will be a wolf/evil others.

+ Jailor: Jails someone each night. The jailor can be killed at night, but the jailed can't do anything except talk to the jailor and vote.

+ Hider: Can hide behind someone each night. If the hider goes behind a wolf or murderer, the hider dies instead of their target.

Order of wolves that kill: Pack Wolf, Basic Wolf, Herriator, and Alpha.

- Pack Wolf: Your basic wolf. Can not vote on who to kill and can be promoted on the 3rd night.

- Basic Wolf: A wolf that can vote on who to kill. Pack wolves become this role on the 3rd night.

- Herriator: A wolf that can vote twice on a wolfkill.

- Alpha: A wolf who's vote can count as two on a wolfkill and shows up as villager to Interrogators.

# Survivor: Has no special perks than a regular villager, other than a vest that you can use one night only to prevent from death. Wins if they survive untill the end of the game.

# Murderer: Can kill three people per game, one per night. Wins with the arsonist. Shares a convo with the Arsonist. Wins when the Murderer and Arsonist are alive. (survivor not withstanding)

# Arsonist: Can douse one person in gasoline per night, and then light them on fire another or douse another person. Wins when just the Murderer and Arsonist are alive. (survivor not withstanding)

# Clown: Is able to kill someone after being lynched. Wins by being lynched.

# Twins: Two people that are litteraly the same as villagers, except they have a convo together and die together. Wins with the town.

# Nobody: Can't be smitted, only lynched.

1. Lethsos
2. Pizzawolf14
3. Exedra
4. Trajing
5. HeilMewTwo
6. Strikingwolf
7. Eruantlemon
8. Shazam08 the senpai
9. lfja ffs
10. 016Nojr
11. SpwnX
12. Sgbros1
13. SoraSoda
14. VikeStep
15. Pyure
16. Victini for some reason

each night ends at 10 EST. 7 CST. and other crap figure it out
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