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Whitelist Server Team Awesome [24/7] [EU] [English] [Whitelisted] [1.0.3]

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by mrjonny, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. mrjonny

    mrjonny New Member

    Team Awesome Direwolf20 [24/7] [EU] [English] [Whitelisted] [FTBD20 1.0.3] [MC 1.7.10] [Friendly]

    Our server is whitelist to stop griefers. We want our players to have the best experience on our server, for this we make sure our admins are active. If you looking at this you probably thinking why you should go to us over another server, well its simple we have no banned items, years of service knowledge. great admins, powerful server and most of all a great community with no griefers.

    We only have mystcraft and twilight disabled. Twilight will be enabled once is it server ready.

    Apply for whitelist here.

    Why Choose Us

    Our Server runs a i7 3770 which is a great processor for running out server. We brought our server strieght form a data centre. This is because shared hosting like fragnet or creeper host run multiple minecraft worlds per server where we only run on per server. This increases the performance of the server.

    Our map is preloaded which reduces lag on our server. This means you can explore the server to your heart’s content without getting any server lag.

    We like to run the latest and greatest direwolf20 modpack to make sure everyone gets all the new features and upgrades that they deserve.

    We want to have an active forum where users can post pictures of their creations to show off and others can comment with suggestions to where they can improve.

    Apply for whitelist here.
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  2. mrjonny

    mrjonny New Member

    We have just upgraded to 1.0.3

    Come and apply now :)
  3. addeya

    addeya New Member

    great server, friendly community, lots of fun stuff, and best of all no lags

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