Super-Fast Quarry Setup in FTB:Ultimate

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Phicksur, May 13, 2013.

  1. Phicksur

    Phicksur New Member

    I have been very disappointed with all the various 'speedy' quarry setups I have seen over the Internet. Most are either too slow (but reliable), too unreliable (but slow), or require a nearby power generation source (which means building platforms for them, or not mining as much as reasonably possible from a world).

    I decided, being the problem-solver-type (hence the nickname), to make one that works over any distance (and across dimensions), without loss of power or items, and at the maximum possible speed at all times, and doesn't have exploding pipes when it finishes quarrying an area.

    Thus, I present to the community, my Super-Fast Quarry Setup. It requires tesseracts and energy bridges.

    If you are curious about my power setup, I am generating around 3500EU/tick with all my power generation, so it's not a big problem how many of these I set up.
  2. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    There are a number of points about your video

    1 - 4 max size quarrys at one time is greedy and on most servers would probably have the admins/owners destroying 3 of them.
    2 - You are not voiding any crap at source, for lags sake it is better to do it at source, you don't show this.
    3 - Anyone with that setup/machines probably doesn't even need to quarry, let alone run 4
    4 - Quarrying in snow biomes is bad, it makes the quarry work overtime clearing snow

    In other words, great for SSP but not for 80% of SMP servers.
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  3. Phicksur

    Phicksur New Member

    1. I own the server and don't limit my players. For server admins, the tick time on that world, with a total of 8 quarries going, increases by about 4ms with all of these running (the lack of significant piping, I believe, makes it easier on the server). Of course, my entire server is on a RAMDrive (backed to harddrive every few seconds), so block destruction/placement isn't a factor in speed.
    2. I don't void anything. I turn all the cobble into scrap, which I use in my matter fabricator. Dirt I turn into plantballs, sand, and clay. Everything else has uses (or I share it with other users).
    3. I find myself constantly running out of copper, actually, so I do this to replenish my supplies when it runs out.
    4. But, SNOWBALLS! (I have something to make snow blocks out of the snowballs, so this is actually by design, but I expect for some this would be a problem.)

    Thank you for your input. :)

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