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Whitelist Server SUNDOGS -BRAND NEW DIRE 1.7.10 SERVER- Fresh Map

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by nckheinrich, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. cixelsidpenguin

    cixelsidpenguin New Member

    IGN: Cixelsidpenguin
    Age: 23
    Skype: Cixelsidpenguin
    Why do you want to play this pack? I've taken a break for a little bit from modded minecraft Dire's packs are usually good for get a taste of everything :)
    Are you a youtuber, twitcher, etc?: I am not, I've played with a lot of streamers over the years but never had one myself
    Any other helpful information: Just a laid back dude trying to find a group of buddies to play some FTB with, always preferred a smaller server.
  2. leatherjacket5

    leatherjacket5 New Member

    then you should have said it in your original post :/ Loads of 'kids ' have messaged you and your just being rude, more mature than most of the guys on your server XD

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