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Whitelist Server Strudel|Ultimate|Whitelist

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Endinghero, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. xav636

    xav636 New Member

    Did you read the rules:Yes
    Have you been banned from a server (Yes, No):Yes but it was for an unfair reason.
    Are you going to run around yelling L33T Sp35mzors: Nope
    Why do you want to play: because i love feed the beast and i just want a small server that is whitelist only that i can enjoy myself and not have to worry about greifers.
    Why should I let you on: because i know how to teach people about feed the beast and i am polite and i wont make a fuss about anything i will help when im asked to i will follow the rules and i will respect everyone else on the server.
    Some interesting tidbit that will make you stand out (optional): i have been playing minecraft since Alpha i have been playing tekkit since it came out and i know all the feed the beast mods reasonably well. I Have also been whitelisted on 2 other servers one called ZagCraft witch was tekkit and another which i cant remember the name on vanilla Minecraft.
  2. Endinghero

    Endinghero New Member

    Skyoat sorry but no dice. Also

    We are good, Please close this thread!
  3. DrShark12

    DrShark12 New Member

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  4. xav636

    xav636 New Member

    Why did I get refused?

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