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    So, I wanted to address something that I thought people should spend some time to consider. Recently, Mattabase held a stream during which he essentially got to the point that he was begging for money to go to Minecon. Now, while I am all for supporting one another and making efforts to highlight deserved work by awarding financial support for such events, it is the type of thing that ought to be saved for more of a personal side-request than one which is almost directly tied to FTB. Many viewers move back and forth between streams on Mattabase's chanel and other popular FTB folks, so there is often a great chance that new viewers will be looking at the streams, which means people who are exposed to FTB for the first time or are very new members, etc. This kind of behavior makes a bad name for FTB as a whole, because this type of community does not grow because of begging and enticing.
    It would not have been quite as bad if he (Mattabase) hadn't followed up some of the initial (Pizza) requests by saying that he had only received a small amount of money towards a request for money for Minecon, but that everyone had seemed happy to do it for a donation for food, all of which was a sure spot to get onto his own server. At no point should someone who has already gone as far as to ask for money to a large audience turn and make them feel bad for not having donated more. The point is simply this: if you are going to associate yourself with FTB, don't stoop down to begging people for money. We'd all love to go to Minecon. There are plenty of other ways. Thank you for your attention.
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    OK even though the reasons for the this are not really down to the contents of this post. Mattabase has now left the FTB team and is no longer associated with us in any way. No further statements concerning this matter will be made by myself and I would ask that speculation is kept off the forums.
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