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Whitelist Server Stonecraft V4 (Mindcrack)(UK Host)(16+)

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Caesura, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Sabakugaara8 accepted.

    Markus accepted
  2. Maddie Sisler

    Maddie Sisler New Member

    Age (16+): 19

    IGN: Angelswag

    FTB experience: Played for a few years now, took a break for about 6 months. Ready for more

    Your favourite creation: I made a huge automatic milking machine that milked about 30 cows. Could fill a maxed iron tank in about 1 minute.
  3. Red_scare1123

    Red_scare1123 New Member

    Age (16+):22

    IGN: Red_scare

    FTB experience: approx 6-8 months worth of playing

    Your favourite creation: a couple absurd mob farms that i made
  4. Ryan Weinstein

    Ryan Weinstein New Member

    Age (16+): 21


    FTB experience:
    Enough to make me a beast

    Your favourite creation:
    I'm a bit of a "cheeky wanker", so my favorite creation is my giant watermelon city I made with my Godson.
  5. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

  6. biomirth

    biomirth New Member

    But....my bees!

    No worries. It's been fun but time to try something new. Thanks for a great server Caesura.
  7. earthmage7

    earthmage7 New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: earthmage7

    FTB experience: I played for about a year and I have taken a couple month break and look forward to playing with all the fun mods again!

    Your favorite creation: I enjoyed created cool automated bees and farms. A while back I remember creating a lot of free power with no work :)
  8. Chili_HD

    Chili_HD New Member

    Age (16+): 17

    IGN: Chili_HD

    FTB experience:
    I played Direwolf20 for about 200 hours, 8 hours a day but stopped shortly after.

    Your favourite creation: I've built quite a castle on an another server which admins admired.
    I'd like to join your server, because I'm looking for a server to play on: a friendly one and a fresh map would be much appreciated!
  9. chupari2

    chupari2 New Member

    Age (16+): 18 so i think thats leveld up enough :p

    IGN: chupari

    FTB experience: have been playing it for a couple of months still dont know everything there is

    Your favourite creation: my first macerator or was it the turtles ;/
  10. Kazure

    Kazure New Member

    Age (16+): 23

    IGN: Cevelti

    FTB experience:
    So far i've played Mindcrack, FTB Ultimate, Crash Landing, Agrarian Skies, Phoenix.
    Had the most fun in Mindcrack and Crash Landing.
    Your favourite creation: Nice looking Buildings that usually take me about 15h - a week to Build
  11. MartinLestrange

    MartinLestrange New Member

    Hello to the owners of Stonecraft,

    Age: 17
    IGN: greenhillMC (This might be with a capital at the start)
    FTB experience/Your favourite creation: Not to special with tech if i have to say so myself. I like to build large builds & mess around with the microblocks mod(s).
    So if this counts then this is my bestestest creation with microblocks ^^


    you can find more of my builds over here:

    I wish you the best, greetings from holland,

    - Martin
  12. LegendOfStuff

    LegendOfStuff New Member

    Age: 16
    IGN: LegendOfStuff
    FTB experience/favorite creation: i have been playing for about 2 years now and id say the thing i like to build most is bee farms
  13. valkyriesurvives

    valkyriesurvives New Member

    Age (16+): 18 years

    IGN: ScorpianHunter

    FTB experience: 4 years

    Your favourite creation: Fully self-sufficient base
  14. dave143

    dave143 New Member

    IGN: dave143

    FTB experience: Ive played ftb (mainly mindcrack for a few years now

    Your favourite creation: tunnel bore
  15. alchemy2

    alchemy2 New Member

    experiance:all the things i like building with xyzcraft also
    favorite creation: well i dont reaally have a fav but if i had to chose one it would be my most epic build ever.jpg
  16. Tanner Pope

    Tanner Pope New Member

    Age : 18

    IGN: Po_

    FTB experience: I have been playing FTB for 3 years Now Mindcrack For 1 Year

    Your favourite creation: I made a fully automatic mass storage unit with every block That was worth something in The game. ( Kind of like EthoLabs "Nexus")
  17. xPhantomL0rd

    xPhantomL0rd New Member

    Age (16+):17


    FTB experience:Started playing ftb at 2013 and the first pack i played was mindcrack

    Your favourite creation: Automated mob farms
  18. dudeitslife2

    dudeitslife2 New Member

    Age (16+):17


    FTB experience:2-3years

    Your favourite creation:made a entire base that ran on 300 ultimate hybrid solar panels
  19. DeathYTC

    DeathYTC Guest

    Name - DeathYTC
    Age - 16
    Who you are and why you want to join - I really miss the gold gregtech i been playing modded for 3 years and i would really like to join your server

    FAVORITE creation Automatic sorting system running 4 quarrys
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016
  20. Age (17+):

    IGN: stonecraft

    FTB experience:i

    Your favourite creation:
    Automated mob farms
    and building i like to make my base look good

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