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Whitelist Server Stonecraft V4 (Mindcrack)(UK Host)(16+)

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Caesura, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Caesura

    Caesura New Member


    So we're back again, this time with a mindcrack server! Same routine as usual chaps, just try to be creative and have fun. Remember: it's better not to rush the best tech, but just enjoy the journey there and make some cool stuff along the way! :)

    Difficulty level: Hard
    Brand-new server as of 27/11/2014!

    1. No Griefing
    2. No Stealing
    3. Respect staff (Never ask for ranks/op/mod)
    4. No Racism
    5. No excessive pvp/mass pvp. (PvP is enabled, just don't be an arse about it!)
    6. No exploiting of bugs/unintended features
    7. Consider the danger of explosive machines such as reactors
    8. Don't use people's houses without permission from the houseowner.
    9. Don't tell people (except staff) about glitches/bugs for duping or similar.

    Apply below, we would like to know your:

    Age (16+):


    FTB experience:

    Your favourite creation:

    Once you've posted this, just wait for a reply as to whether you've been accepted or not.
  2. BulletJon

    BulletJon New Member

    Age (16+): 17

    IGN: BowShooter200

    FTB experience: I've played FTB for 2 - 3 years now

    Your favourite creation: A powerplant/factory fully automated
  3. biomirth

    biomirth New Member

    Heyo, funny that you post yesterday and I install MC yesterday. Hope you're well.

    Age (16+): Old

    IGN: proctech

    FTB experience:
    tons, but not with newer mods

    Your favourite creation: Fully automated 8 boiler / fermenter /farm / UU matter /solar factory.
  4. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Both accepted. Hello again proctech! I'll only accept the answer 'old' because I know you already ;P
  5. Tiby

    Tiby New Member

    Age (16+):18


    FTB experience:
    over 2 years, unleashed, monster some private modpacks

    Your favourite creation: a nice working factory and being a warlock
  6. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Tiby1, accepted. See you on there!
  7. BattleDwarf

    BattleDwarf New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: BattleDwarf321

    FTB experience: about 4 years

    Your favourite creation: a house on a hill with a beautiful wood wall around it
  8. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    BattleDwarf: Accepted
  9. BattleDwarf

    BattleDwarf New Member

    is it down?
  10. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Yep! Sorry you'll have to hang on - just having trouble paying for the server and whatnot. It'll be up very soon! (at most 1 day)
  11. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Anddd it's back up. Sorry about that!
  12. Papa_Flop

    Papa_Flop New Member

    Age (16+): 16

    IGN: Papa_Flop

    FTB experience: Played a few years now, somewhat new to mindcrack pack but not the mods.

    Favorite creation: Your favourite creation: Don't really have one just like to dilly dally with a lot of mods
  13. BattleDwarf

    BattleDwarf New Member

    man i'm trying to work MindCrack, but D;
  14. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Papa_Flop: Accepted

    BattleDwarf not sure what problems you're having? Just ftb launcher -> modpack mindcrack -> launch -> server IP -> in. Works for me and everyone else, not sure how else I can help.
  15. CreativeGuy2013

    CreativeGuy2013 Active Member

    On the ftb-servers.com please. :)
  16. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Hmmm? What website might this be? If you'd provide a proper link then I might advertise it there too.
  17. CreativeGuy2013

    CreativeGuy2013 Active Member

    sorry ftbservers.com --- #thatkeyboardtho
  18. Caesura

    Caesura New Member

    Done, Stonecraft can now be found on that website too.
  19. mitar ruzic

    mitar ruzic New Member

    Age (16+):20


    FTB experience:
    Ben playing FTB for about 2ish years and am experienced with most of the mods,i can still get a bit better at mods like computer craft

    Your favourite creation:A russian nuclear sub in amps,made me break a tear when i launched a redmatter explosive by accident,about four times
  20. CamShirayuki

    CamShirayuki New Member

    Age (16+): I'll be 18 at the end of January


    FTB experience:
    I'm a jack of all trades, but master of none.

    Your favourite creation: Automated biofuel farm that was self sufficient.

    Once you've posted this, just wait for a reply as to whether you've been accepted or not.

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