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steve tree farm versus a Multi block tree farm.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by BIBLO, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Shad Mecham

    Shad Mecham New Member

    So I was a huge fan of Steve Cart tree farms until the mulitblock farms and tree breeding came along. Once I was able to breed a tree that had fastest growing, triple saplings, high sappiness and produced apples it was all about the mulitblock farms. One max sized mulitblock with my hybrid trees so put to shame my 3 Steve Cart farms it wasn't funny. Not only did they produce more saplings but they produced way more apples so much so that I was able to convert all of my fermenters over to apple juice with apples to spare. While this setup is in my opinion leaps and bounds above Steve Carts it is not for early to mid game.

    The server I play on was just reset and I looked into going right to the multiblock farm setup but it just isn't there. Steve Carts are easier to setup on day one.
  2. Larroke

    Larroke Active Member

    Early to mid game or for charcoal production, I'll swear by a logging turtle on any 2x2 tree that grows straight up (cedar, fir etc). My script did it all for me (plant, boned or waited and then harvested) and a water pool collected the saplings for processing. I am still using the cedar and fir logs to this day!

    I was intending on doing a steve's carts farm for all the new forestry wood types, but did I read it right you can't use the mod trees at all?? That would suck for these plans!!
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  3. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

    Another turtlist, excellent! Yeah, turtles really are the best generalized solution. Although if you have MystCraft, a flat wooden tendrills world can get you a LOT of wood via quarrying.

    I believe there is a rumor that Steve's Cart will work with mod trees come the next update.

    Think about one of those absurdly awesome bred trees, AND Steve's Cart! So much possibility for awesome.
  4. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    There are reasons to not use steve's carts for tree farming, but only once you go deeper into forestry. For the typical case of biogas production? SC is the winner. Funny tho, it's kind of a loser for normal farming compared to other available methods.
  5. Hawk Weisman

    Hawk Weisman Member

    The Steve's Carts tree farms are definitely more effective, but I personally don't like them because they seem too easy to set up. Forestry multifarms are so much more fun.
  6. Growle

    Growle Member

    I haven't tried the steves carts farms so I have no clue if they're easier or harder to set up. The multifarm had a lot to it at first but after that they ended up seeming pretty easy to get up and running. For me I think the hardest part was setting up the receiving end, since at the time I was still figuring out how best to route items to different inventories / barrels, and I made 4 different types of farms.
    Also, its a bit unrelated but I've been having some issues with my mushroom multifarm...I have everything set up, power, water, fertilizer, mycelium and went so far as to plant the shrooms myself (short brown ones and white / red spotted). I saw ONE shroom pop up to huge size but that was it...now the farm just burns through mycelium and doesnt even produce any output... I've gone so far as to enclose the farm and make it as dark as possible but even this didn't work. I'm convinced the shroom farm multifarm is just buggy currently but I haven't looked into it further than my personal tests. Thinking of just making it a treefarm since I already have that setup going.
    Thoughts anyone? Or anyone else having the shroom farm woes I'm experiencing? I don't think I'm doing it wrong, I'll dig around base again when I get home.​

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