Start FTB Server on a linux rootserver

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Jul 29, 2019
hi. how do i actually start FTB on a rootserver?
do i just have to run the like i'd run the ServerStart.bat on windows?
and if so, how do i define the Ram that minecraft is allowed to use?

sorry, i am not too familiar with linux servers, the last time i had one was just after the FTB launcher was introduced.
i didn't find a tutorial for it on youtube,
i only found vanilla server tutorials on a root server, or FTB server tutorials on a windows PC
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The java ram parameters are in the ServerStart file. The default for FTBInfinity is 2048M, I'm not sure what other packs default to.

If you are using command line terminal, nano is a fairly easy to use common text editor that should be installed by default.


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Jan 23, 2013
If your new to Linux and don't have the most interest in it. Then I would recommend to install something like Multicraft(A mine craft server panel) it does everything for you. And if you want custom parameters it's really simple to setup. And there's lots of guides out there for multicraft


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Jul 29, 2019
As I understand it, a Linux "root server" is a server that you are renting, that is running linux, and you have been given a root login to the server.

In which case, your problem seems a lot more complicated than your question would suggest: Its not that you just want to "start" minecraft on this server - I suspect your real question is - how do you start a FTB server so that
* It doesn't stop the moment you log out.
* It starts automatically if/when the server (re)starts without anyone having to log in and run it.

Now, your problem is that, out the box, the minecraft (and FTB) servers are simply java applications. Nothing - absolutely nothing - is provided to turn this into an auto-starting 'background' server.

As a beginner to Linux your best bet would be to install either:
* McMyAdmin (I made some notes about how to set this up for FTB packs).
* Multicraft (credit to @AndersWithTheCat )

Both of these products are paid - but are free if you are running 1 server instance with 10 or less players. The real benefit to using these is you get a Web based control panel that you can log into to monitor the server and start, stop, restart etc.

The McMyAdmin control panel looks like this

Your other option is to roll your own "FTB Server service" using instructions like this

* Ubuntu_startup_script (via

No matter which option you take you need to familiarise yourself with basic linux server security hygiene. i.e. you should install the server (and/or control panels) using a dedicated user account created for that task ('mcuser' or some such).
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