Open SkyFactory server keeps creating normal world

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    Summary of the problem SkyFactory server keeps creating normal world

    Pack Version 3.0.8

    What is the bug? Every time I log into my server, it creates a normal world. It's supposed to generate a void world with just a tree and a block of dirt but it generates a normal world. I am using Bisect Hosting and I use the WinSCP program to upload the files. I extracted the files to a folder, ran the FTBInstall.bat and changed the minecraftserver.jar to custom.jar so that the server knows what to run.

    Mod & Version I believe the YUNoMakeGoodMap mod is responsible for generating the void world and tree.

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? I delete all the files and then put them back on the server and it still creates a normal world.

    Known Fix
  2. Henry Link

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    I would contact the hosting company. But it sounds like you are running the minecraft jar instead of the forge jar that will launch all of the mods needed.
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    One thing I found was, let the server create the first world. Stop the server and delete the world folder. Then start the server again and it should work like it's suppose to.
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    - I have the same problem. I downloaded the FTB Server, but it's not loading completely. The 'Memory Use' goes decreases quick and eventually stops loading. Please help =(
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    Create a post in the Tech Support section, not in the sub forum for bug reports.

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