[Skyfactory challenges 1.1.0] Mechanical user stops working

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by achmoye, Sep 8, 2019.

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    I love Skyfactory challenges, I really want to speedrun it and I did it once but I had to struggle with my remaining resource because my mechanical users end up stopping working.

    I have no idea why. They configuration didn't change ( all set up with right click, activate block on item and upper left click only, like everyone does in Youtube speedruns )

    This stops me from doing an efficient speedrun so please help me this is really frustrating.

    As I understand Mech user doesn't use grid power (GP) so I shouldn't need any mill (and no one does, again in videos) I'm not doing anything in particular, after like 30 mn they all stop working and can't get be back on.

    I use them with collector, drawer controller linked to external storage but that probably has anything to do with this.

    Also, I use a piece of dirt from the map but as I can harvest it, it shouldnt be an important "event" block.

    Have my lifetime benediction if you solve this.

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