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  1. Jason McRay

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    Hello everybody. I have recently started to stream much more often, so I think it is good time to do some announcement.

    I am streaming Monday to Friday on Twitch from 9pm CET (GMT-1) for about 3 hours. My main focus on the stream is Minecraft (Monday - Thursday) and on Friday I am taking little break from this blocky world and playing some random games.

    Currently I am streaming Industry Gigant modpack (GregTech Trading Based modpack, in Skyblock mode; It is a lot of a challenge, but I am getting through it, with some help from few of my viewers.
    I am also going to be naming all the animals or factories I will build by the names of my Followers. So you will get a chance to be on the skyblock with me (in spirit)

    Also I am uploading the streams for those who are not able to watch it live to my Streaming Archive Channel.

    I hope to see some of you there. Don't forget to even right now press Follow in there so you know when I am live again.

    Here are all the relevant Links:

    Streaming Archive Channel:
  2. Jason McRay

    Jason McRay New Member

    Streaming News:

    - Switching to Sky Factory 3 (take over from my Youtube series)
    - By watching my stream you earn credits, that can be spent for example to open a Chance Cube (and possibly blow up my base) - MON - FRI @ 9pm (GMT+1)
  3. Jason McRay

    Jason McRay New Member

    Hello everybody, I am streaming again more Sky Factory 3. Today's plan is to finish the farm house with all the power we can get from Canola.

    Come and join me at
  4. QueenGambit

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    Do you still stream?

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