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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Yusunoha, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. SolManX

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    What type of bud switch do you use? I remember trying to make a vanilla one for a sugar-cane farm many moons ago, but couldn't get it to work satisfactorily.
  2. Someone Else 37

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    I've actually used a mana spreader to detect when a cake has been eaten- it won't fire if there's a cake in the way, but once the kekimureis (is that the right pluralization?) have eaten the cake, it'll fire automatically and trigger a mana detector.

    If course, you don't want it to trigger multiple times for one cake, which I solved with a piston that pushes a block into the spreader's beam and some clever redstonery.
  3. Master_Builder_800

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    Well it depends on the version of MC i'm playing on, if its vanilla there's a new version using a slime block that is a 3x1, super simple to set up yadayada boring vanilla. In FTB I just use ProjectRed which has a one block bud switch :D
  4. Shiphty

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    Hey folks, I'm playing Hubris and am having a problem with mana generation when I'm away from my base. I assumed the chunks would stay loaded but after I first ran into the issue I even went and made chunk loaders on all the chunks with mana generation and I'm still losing mana fast as soon as I leave my base. Anyone have any ideas why my mana generation wouldn't keep steady when I leave?

    I have 160 hydra-something-or-other plants at the corners of 3x3 pools of water. The water is not running out. I'm just getting really frustrated, having equipment that runs on mana isn't any good if you can't leave your base.
  5. mahldcat

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    So a couple of things---is your mana farm spread out across quite a few chunks, or did you use floating plants and do like a 3x3xXXX tall "water tank"....if it's spread out are you sure your chunk loader is getting the entire area?

    More importantly though, how up to date is your instance's botania mod? Reason for asking is that your hydrangea setup will not longer really work as a primary mana gen once you update to the latest version of Botania. Vazkii made a change to Botania, which she apparently boosted the mana gen of the hydrangea, but also leaves you unable to disable passive flower withering. In short you have 3 in game days to use the passives before they wilt away.
  6. Shiphty

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    So... embarrassing story... I had the chunks where the mana generation was happening loaded but not the chunks where the mana was being stored.

    And thanks for the heads up about wilting flowers... ew... I think I'll forego updating.
  7. mahldcat

    mahldcat New Member

    So this does change the early game (I've been playing with flower wilt enabled for a while now), in that you need to be a LOT more aware of your initial mana production. Also looks like Vazkii fixed the loophole with EE3/Project E's aeternalis fuel (saw where Direwolf20 was able to utilize that with endoflames, and it kept producing mana non stop (up to the point that he broke the flower after getting a different system set up))....

    What also stinks is the beegonia (from magic bees)--lets you convert extra drones into mana, as those apparently also detect as passive (Not sure if this was a bug introduced by the botania update or not), as I started playing with forestry on the latest instance I've been playing on....
  8. I have a gizmo taking all the outputs of several Tekkit glory-days-esque world eaters and feeding them through a projectE condenser to make cake, powering Kekimuruses to make enough mana to fill a mana pool in sixty seconds.
  9. lucariomaster2

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    If you've seen the various pictures I've posted on the forum, you will quickly come to learn two things. First, I completely ignore aesthetics. Second, I really, really love automation. In fact, in my current world, I don't have a proper house; instead, my base is spread out over several areas in a biome. All of them are open to the sky.

    One of the long-term goals in my world is to fully automate every generating flower in Botania, for no reason other than I like making complicated automated builds. So far I've done the Thermalily, Kekimurus, Munchdew, Endoflame, and Spectrolus.

    Mods used: BuildCraft, Forestry, Translocator, Project Red, Botania
    When Thermalilies were nerfed, I decided that I had already invested too much time into automating them (read: breeding flawless Sinister bees) to just leave it broken. So I made a setup that would keep working after the nerf.


    Lava is generated by a Sinister bee setup and is then sent to 4 thermalilies via flood gates. The state cells are connected to the Mana Detectors so that they reset every time a mana pulse is detected. Once the pulses stop, the timer applies a redstone signal to the gates, which are set up to be "closed" when receiving a signal, and counts down 300 seconds (The time it takes for Thermalilies to cool down) before allowing more lava to come through. The four mana pulses are funneled into a Gaia Mana Spreader to be sent to the pool. I use the Thermalily mana mainly for making runes and Terrasteel.

    Munchdew and Endoflame

    Mods used: RotaryCraft, BuildCraft, Expanded Redstone, ChromatiCraft, Thaumcraft, Botania
    I originally made my tree farm for Chroma Berries, but soon found that I had way more saplings than I needed. The solution? Munchdew farm!

    I'm pretty proud of this setup. The chest that you can barely see behind the Birch planks has about a stack of each sapling in it. When a tree grows (there's a Dirt block next to the Lamp of Growth), a few things happen. A BUD activates, causing a Block Breaker to break the bottom Wood block (which means I lose 1 block per tree, which isn't a huge deal), which clears space for another sapling. The BUD also signals a Toggle Latch, which pulses one of the gates connected to the sapling chest, pulling a sapling and sending it to the dirt block. Wood is voided, Chroma berries are sent to storage, and saplings are returned to the input chest and sent to an Item Cannon which goes to...

    The Munchdew farm proper. Once items are received, they're sent via Teleport pipe to an Open Crate, which drops them on a Raunncarpus to be planted. Once they grow, a Munchdew eats their leaves and triggers a Mana Detector. Once the Mana pulses stop (indicating that all leaves have been eaten), it deactivates a Golem Fetter which has a Chop golem, allowing it to cut down the newly-sheared trees.

    A Gather golem collects the wood and puts it into a Crafty Crate, and the resulting planks are Spectranthemum'd to an Endoflame patch. The Munchdew/Endoflame mana serves to power the Elven portal.
    One thing about this farm, though: It only works if you're nearby because of a bug with Thaumcraft golems.

    Mods used: BuildCraft, Natura, Botania

    This is one of my favourite builds. Like the Munchdew, though, every so often you have to AFK next to it because chickens only lay eggs if a player is nearby.

    This is an overview of the farm (and you can also see the Chroma tree farm next to it). There's a Drum of the Gathering next to the cows that you can't see - when a mana pulse hits it, the buckets are filled with milk and are then sucked up with a Hopperhock.

    I have about 150 chickens in here - it probably constitutes some form of animal cruelty, but whatever. They lay eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. Next to it, a Drum of the Wild harvests the wheat and sends it to a Crafty Crate to be converted into Natura flour whenever the ingredients chest runs out.

    Once the cake is crafted via Crafty Crate, it's sent to this hopper to be sent to the Kekimurus. The empty buckets are routed back to the cows. In the background you can see my Ethanol factory; it's the same design I've used in every world since installing RotaryCraft. Some of the sugar from it is redirected to the ingredients chest.

    The Kekimurus provides mana for the pool my Mana Mirror is linked to, mainly powering my Flugel Tiara but also some Terrasteel equipment occasionally.


    Mods used: Project Red, Botania (though it would be very easy to make it use only Botania)
    This is actually a pretty simple setup. Every 3 minutes, the Drum of the Gathering is pulsed, shearing the sheep. Hopperhocks Petite collect the wool and put it into downward-facing Droppers. The wiring currently active in the picture is effectively a 16-input NAND gate: If any of the droppers are empty, it turns on and prevents the second Timer from ticking. If all of the Droppers have Wool in them, however, the Timer can pulse every 30 seconds and have the Droppers dispense Wool, which is then pushed via Daffomill to the Spectrolus.

    The main problem with this setup is that it doesn't actually work. I mean, the Sheep simply regenerate their Wool too slowly. I'm thinking of expanding the pens and having 2 sheep per colour instead of 1.
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  10. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Sure hope you are not on a server, possibly making live miserably for everyone with that chicken pen :p
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  11. lucariomaster2

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    Don't worry, it's a singleplayer world. Though my FPS drops by about half when I'm near it. :p
  12. rhn

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    Yeah so many mobs wall glitching is wreaking havok to both your server and client aspect of your game. You really should make several MUCH larger pens and just use some aoe item collector(Botania so the Hopperhocks should do).

    You might not have problems now. But the game works by calculating all that needs calculating in the world each tick. Right now that chicken pen takes up a long time to calculate, but the overall time might just be under the time set aside to calculate each tick. But eventually you might have built enough automation and stuff to push it over the limit, and then it gets bad. It can no longer calculate each tick in time and will start skipping things to keep up. Blocks you place will not get registered and seem to disappear. Things will seem to "roll back" all the time.

    Do your self a favour and NEVER EVER trap mobs in a too small enclosure. The mob AI is the most resource intensive thing in the game and it goes through the roof when you get them wall glitching.
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  13. lucariomaster2

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    This is all news to me, so thanks for the advice! I'll definitely build a bigger pen for them. ChromatiCraft also theoretically adds a machine that's supposed to shut down animal AI, though it isn't finished yet and currently has no recipe, so I'll have to wait for that one.
  14. TheKazumi

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    sry, idk how to make a spoiler maybe a mod can put the pics into spoiler c:

    I kno this post is damn old but I wanted to show off my Mana SetUp that I build just today so maybe people that run over this post like i did a few days ago can still see it :)

    Maybe it's not the best setup but it's enough to get 4 normal spreader run at their limit if you have 3 layers of this setup.

    I build a 15x15 border so you have a 14x14 inside.




    It's all build on enchanted soil so they never decay and i never have to take care of it again.

    And yes. The Hydros at the lower layer DO SPREAD MANA to the spreader.


    I hope i can help anyone with this :)

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