Casual Server ShadowFTB [Survival] [Economy] [Grief-Prevention]- looking for players :D

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Jul 29, 2019
A Small Community With Non-Abusive Staff And respectful players and Donations
Unleashed 1.1.7 Enable All The Mods
-No Spamming/caps/Racism
-Do Not Swear Excessivly
-Respect All Players And Staff
- Absolutely no Advertising
- Donate if you love us :D

Banned Items For You...
- MystCraft
- Gravity Guns
- Chunk Loaders
- Spot Loaders
- Admin Anchors
- World Anchors
- Personal Anchors
- Rainmaker
- Hunter's Handgun
- Matter Cannon
- MFFS Projector
- Mining Turtle
- Item Router
- Nuke
- Terraformer
- Force Field Projector
- Creative Builders Wand
- Anchor Sentinel

We Have Donation Ranks, Items, ETC>>>
Ranks - VIP, Premium,Elite, Legendary, Creative
Money - 10,000 Dollars, 20,000 Dollars
Armor - Nano Armor, Quantum Armor
Items - Quantum Gen. Ultimate Hybrid x2. Me System, MFSU
Fly Mode
Volunteer Rank
Colored Nickname

Forums URL :

This Server Is Larger than most of the other servers seen in this section for instance we have more than 10 slots for more players to enjoy :D
We do ask that you bring your friends to play and have fun with us here

Server Is Not Whitelisted