Open is missing start/stop/command option, also no screen support

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  1. Chaoschaot234

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    Summary of the problem is missing start/stop/command option, also no screen support

    Pack Version 2.6.0

    What is the bug? The does not meet the minimum requirements for a normal MC Server start, stop, use command XYZ system.

    It also has to be use screen to work because running the current script and closing the console shuts down the server immerditally and this is not the correct way how it has to be written.

    Also the script is not compleate because it has no LSB Tags which have to be provided if u want to use the script on server start otherwise it will blame u with "missing required LSB Tags" so a clean start/stop on system start/shutdown isn't provided here-

    Mod & Version n/a

    Link to log file n/a

    Is it repeatable? Sure, simply open the file and you won't find any management pices like start/stop/cmd XYZ and so far.

    Also there is no use of screen or tmux which is a fatal error for me descriped above

    Known Fix Simply write the script correctly with start/stop/cmd XYZ and provide the required use of either screen (should be default) or tmux and don't forgett the LSB Tags.
  2. lenscas

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    The (and .bat) files are meant to just be basic scripts and nothing fancy at all. There are many ways people can and will setup a server and ftb can not provide scripts for all those ways, even if they could the amount of scripts would just confuse people. If you want to set a server up your way you need to make the script yourself, its as simple as that and there is no need for ftb to change that.
  3. Chaoschaot234

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    And how should normal Users then simply start and stop their server without such arguments? So the FTB Team forces the user to solve this problem which isn't fine at all.
    A minimum for start and stop must be provided for normal users without any knowledge in shell/batch scripting.
  4. Scottly318

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    To be setting up a server it's expected you already know how to add those. If you don't, there are good resources out there. Use google to find those sources. Don't not complain about the ftb staff not A: putting them in or B : not explaining how.
  5. lenscas

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    Simple, they won't as they don't need to.
    "Normal" users either hire a server which means they can either get support from the company they hire it from or might not even need to do anything to get it working. Something else "normal" users do is use their own computer but only when its needed to play with friends. Often they don't need screens and/or management options the and even more often then not they don't even run the server on.

    I myself often host servers for friends, they run on terminal only Debian box. When I need to run a server I connect to it using ssh and setup a screen before running the sh file. I don't need the management options, in fact if the commands you talk about do what I suspect they do (starting and stopping the server automatically every so often) I would get another script right away. I have no need for that management and for me they would be an hindrance in the game itself.

    If you don't know how to follow a guide on setting a server up and/or are afraid of .sh (or .bat or whatever script files you want) files and can't use a hosting provider then just don't. Trust me, your server is going to be more trouble for you then its worth. To be honest, if you suffer from the first the server is doomed to fail even if you have a good host.
  6. Quetzi

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    The script is intended to start the server. Anything else that you might want it to do is out of scope for it. Particularly, adding a stop command to a start script would be a peculiar move. Also, making assumptions about what else might be installed on a system is a sure fire way to break a script. Screen/Tmux aren't usually installed by default.
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