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Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Jenial, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Jenial

    Jenial Member

    Hello there.

    I have been running a whitelisted FTB server for some time, with ~10 active players at most given times.

    The server performance was great the past 9 days, not even a little bit of lagg, and with a stable 200 tickrate.

    As of yesterday, the server performance went down really bad. Instead of the 200 tickrate, we're not on 15-9.
    When in Survival mode, you'll have major issues with block lagg (reappearing blocks).
    I've tried several server optimizing threads found on this forum, but nothing increased the tickrate.
    The chat is not lagging, by the way. World generating is fine aswell. Just the tickrate and block lagg.

  2. BitVector

    BitVector Active Member

    From what I can gather, most FTB servers have this problem with low tick rate and major block lag, although most server admins won't admit to it, otherwise they may not get more players to join their server.

    A possibility would be really crappy quarry setups where item entities are constantly dropping on the ground and are therefore lagging up the server, however, this is often not shown to be the case if you have a mod installed that can kill/destroy entities. The problem will become quite noticeable within an hour with 30+ players who are all wandering about the map, however, I've also seen the problem come up within a few hours on a server with less than 10.

    I've heard that the problem may extend from entity path finding memory issues. Bukkit and Spout servers do not have this problem, because they have a better solution for entity path finding. Destroying the entities does not seem to help the issue. The only way to temporarily fix the problem on FTB servers is to restart the server every once in a while.

    I've heard someone suggest taking the Spigot changes for chunkloading and putting it into a coremod for Forge. If you are decent at programming, that's another possible solution.
  3. SphinX

    SphinX New Member

    The only time our server struggles, is with high entity counts, or new world gen. Roughly 30 players and most of us have 64x64 quarries, with 5-7 worlds loaded at any given time, with a minimum of 50 world anchors spread across those worlds.

    Any other lag we encounter, is FPS lag.

    The issue with "pay by the slot" servers, is you are paying for a server, on a computer in a data centre, with multiple other servers running using the same CPU and RAM. Because we went with a VPS with dedicated resources, our tickrate is a constant 20 across all worlds.

    Also, CPU usage and power is the real deciding factor with FTB servers. You can throw as much ram as you want at it, and it will use it, but without having the processing power, your tickrate will always suffer.
  4. TheMap

    TheMap Active Member

    Ive actually noticed the same. Performance has gone down quite a bit recently. Not sure whats causing it, I used to be able to handle 25+ players no issues. Now even with upgrading the server with more RAM I get lag with even less people. 10 players complaining of block lag.

    Optimization is out the door. At one point the only lag that ever happened was when we created a new age and exploration was going on. Now its just random.

    I would love to have an entity remover plugin. Havn't seen any around like /stoplag.
  5. Jenial

    Jenial Member

    The CPU doesn't top over 10%. I don't think this should be the issue in this case. c:

    Is there such mod for vanilla servers?

    Nope, this doesn't work for us.

    I've also tried to generate a new world and check the block lagg on that world; it's also terrible. So the problem is not inside the world.

    #EDIT: It shouldn't be my server host either, as I have another server off them (running bukkit) which is doing great without any block lagg or any other kind of lagg at all.
  6. SphinX

    SphinX New Member

    The CPU usage you are seeing, is only for your server. We had a server that didn't have dedicated resources, and while CPU usage was only 10-25%, the tickrate would drop from 20 to 4 once people started joining.

    The way hosts work it, is you are paying for a certain % of a box. FTB with all the mods is extra taxing, and just because 1 server through them is ok, another may run badly as you have seen, because they could be hosted on separate boxes with different usage levels.
  7. Jenial

    Jenial Member

    I see. But isn't it rather odd it is doing the same thing with 1 player online aswell?
    Also, some players DO expierence a 20 tickrate with no blocklagg. That is even more confusing.
  8. akamanu

    akamanu Active Member

    I was having the same issues at some point and we discovered that someone was overflowing some pipes and causing explosions that were lagging the server. Apart from that the server runs fine, but I'm getting a few out of memory errors with 768 mb even thou it's only 6 ppl playing on the server.

  9. Jenial

    Jenial Member

    How did you find the source?
  10. akamanu

    akamanu Active Member

    Basically told ppl to log in on stages, if the machines are in a unloaded chunk all is fine, as soon as the person logged on, the server just lagged out in a few mins, and then ofc I went there and checked his base, ofc afterwards I smacked him with a trout.

  11. Greedseed

    Greedseed Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    The max tickrate is 20BTW. 20Ticks per second.

    You sed your CPU is running on 10% Please look if that is for all CPU or just for the 1 Core Minecraft is using.

    Also are you running Mc from a HDD or SSD
  12. DungeonFilms

    DungeonFilms New Member

    This Happens to My Whitlisted server And we have noticed the Tick Rate Drops when Quarries have been started up
    So we just made Quarries Unavailable for the Time

    Hope this Helped.
  13. MaGriffw

    MaGriffw Active Member

    I seem to be getting much worse issues than anything here. with 2~4gig low/high settings, with only 2~5 people on, we're seeing lag spikes in the high 1000ms range. I'd be happy to see steady 200ms rates, let alone 20ms. Now, I'll admit to being a novice at tracking down tickrate issues, but it's almost unbearable if more than 3 people are on at a time. I'd appreciate any advice in that respect. I considered using Opis (Along with the one map mod that I can't remember atm.) to track what's causing the lag, but I'm assuming that it's our setup.
    We run ours off a home PC. 8Ram, decent cable internet, and it's whitelisted for friends/family only. Unfortunately I also have to use this machine as my MC, FTB launcher as well, but I try to keep it at 1 to 1.5gig max. I know by looking through configs that we could setup or alter 'checks' for different machines, mods, etc., but again, no idea what alters what. Currently using the v109 of DW20's 1.6.4 mod pack. All default settings installed, except config changes for BoP biomes. (Don't like lots of Snow.) Also we killed a few mods just for lack of use, and mob gen. (Ars Magica being first to go.) So, fellow tech mod fans, I turn to you, and hope for some input. I'm at a loss as to how to fix anything lag wise that isn't obvious, especially since I know that the majority of players at the moment aren't using heavily chunk loaded areas or machines. Anywho...

    Many Thanks for advice ahead of time,

    Griff. ^..^/
  14. Connor Gavitt

    Connor Gavitt Well-Known Member

    The ms is milliseconds it takes to ping the server, not tickrate. If the ping is high the your internet can't handle that many people. You can either make sure nothing in your house is using any bandwidth at all or rent from a server host with a dedicated network which can handle more people.

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