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  • Have a new server coming up. Ars Magica with Thaumcraft. Awaiting moderator approval in the SMP Promotions section.
    Zen, Its me Simeon, Finally got a real minecraft account, Skype broke down so I wanted to tell you. Googled ZenZiggy
    Hey, is the Magic world modpack updated or something, because the server appears to be 1.4.6 and my version of Magic world is still only 1.4.5, how do i fix this?
    18 diamonds
    2 1/2 stacks of iron
    2 stacks of redstone
    1 stack of tin
    2 stacks of copper
    20 saphires
    5 rubies
    1 stack of sulpher
    1 stack of saltpeater
    1 diamond sword
    1 iron pick
    20 beef

    Lost all of that when I logged on
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