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    Sure! The wiki needs more people documenting stuff. Feel free to contact a member of the Wiki Team for any assistance you require.
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    Is there even any "Advanced Bee breeding" page? Can't find that.
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    Doubt it, I've been around for almost a year, and have close to 5000 edits. Unless the mobile wiki is being crap, you have <1000[DOUBLEPOST=1405702969][/DOUBLEPOST]
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    Then I'll see what I can do.
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    I meant actively, but yea, you've probably beaten everyone. :p
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    Yeah, but I've been "busy" lately
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    Same, doing nothing but review and wait for the wiki migration is "busy" to me.
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    Ars Magica 2 is a magic mod that consists of the player casting spells, fueled by the players' mana.

    Recommended Infrastructure:
    A small supply of vanilla ingots, as well as chimerite and blue topaz from AM2 ae required to begin. A house is also a necessity, as you must protect a (relitavely) expensive altar. Food is also recommended, as casting spells speeds food consumption.

    Getting Started:

    As the player explores the map, they will come across pools of light blue Liquid Essence. By placing a book inside an item frame directly above the pool, the book will be converted into an Arcane Compendium, the basis of magical knowledge.

    After one gets an arcane compendium, the player needs to make an occulus and crafting altar. The occulus lets you unlock spell components by clicking their icon in the skilltree, and the crafting altar crafts your spells.

    Crafting Altar:
    The crafting altar, as shown in the compendium, is a 5x5x5 multiblock made of different materials, with caps made of valuable blocks (i.e. iron, fold, redstone, ect) It looks something like this:

    [Altar building GIF found in compendium here]

    Now what?

    Now that you have begun ars magica, level up to gain skillpoints for new spell parts. Enjoy!

    Tips and tricks:

    - Your first spell ahouls probably be (Touch) | Dig, as this is a low-cost, low-mana spell that can easily be used for levels...and mining
    - Once you get some good armour and a good weapon, try taking out bosses to gain additional skillpoints.
    - A villager smeltery can easily get you lots of emeralds for a semi-low cost, highly effective altar cap set.
    - (Projectile) | Forge, when aimed at villagers, drops an emerald...
    -Fire guardians are nigh-on invincible: ANY damage is capped at 2 hearts to it (even rapiers) and it regens very quickly.

    Endgame Rewards:

    When you finally "beat" ars magica 2, you can unlock ridiculously powerful silver-tier spells. To unlock these do some experimenting or check below.

    Firestorm Unlock:

    - (Projectile) | Fire Damage | Ignition | Storm | Solar

    Blizzard Unlock:

    - (Projectile) | Storm | Frost Damage | Freeze | Damage

    Starstrike Unlock:

    - (Projectile) | Magic Damage | Gravity | Astral Distortion

    Moonrise Unlock:

    - (Self) | Night Vision | Ender Intervention | Lunar

    Daylight Unlock:

    - (Projectile) | True Sight | Divine Intervention | Light

    Mana Shield Unlock:

    - (Self) | Shield | Reflect | Life Tap

    Mana Link Unlock:

    - (Projectile) | Mana Drain | Entangle
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    I assume you are giving permission to put this on the wiki? Also, the Compendium doesn't have to be above it, just near it ;)
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    Heyo. I'll put my HQM guide on the Wiki once I'm done with it. I already posted it there, now just posting it here.
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    Yup, full permission to put that on the wiki...also, ill edit it with spoilers later, right now I have to go.
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    Do you want me to post this on the wiki? Or will you do it. I'm not great at HTML, but I can make it work if you want me to.
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    It would be best if you did it yourself. ;)
    If there's anything wrong we'll add it in.
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    Alright, can do.
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    If you need any help, don't hesitate to just ask. :)
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    How do I make a spoiler on the wiki?

    Other than that, the page is up and functional
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    No spoilers. ;)
    You don't need them, you've got a table on contents that links to headers in the page.
    Just write "__TOC__" on the page and it shall automatically generate.[DOUBLEPOST=1407586452][/DOUBLEPOST]EDIT: Is the wiki up and running for you @Launcelot_J?
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    Yep, just editied the page and followed some links

    Edit: Also, how do I make the box at bottom with all the links to the mod's items?
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    That's called a navbox.
    IIRC it's "{{Navbox MOD_NAME_HERE}}".
    Once I've got access to the wiki I'll be able to help more.
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    Ok thanks

    Edit: I have to go now, but I'll be back on later to finish up the navbox, if it hasn't been done already.

    Edit: Done!
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