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Ultimate Murderous Fiend
Nov 27, 2012
This is not the reason why I joined this game, effectively making this post totally off-topic, but since this thread is as good as done anyway, I wanted to ask you if you'd like to check out my Void of Modpack. I'm currently in the process of updating and setting up a server for it and I could use quite some feedback right now.

What is unique about the pack is not the collection of mods itself, but the idea behind it and the way it should be set up server-wise. Two config sets, two servers, one modpack.

So I'd hoped to harvest some feedback on my pack here, or at least some criticism on this post.
Yeah, feel free to post that sorta thing in the organization thread, but not in game threads. Game threads should be kept to the game itself and not off-topic stuff.
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