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Discussion in 'Mod Development' started by SatanicSanta, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    So, for those following me on Twitter, I've been spending the night breaking OpenGL while also attempting to fix bugs in Flaxbeard's Steam Power. Here are screenshots. If I make more, I will add them to the thread.

    2014-10-12_20.53.18.png 2014-10-12_21.23.43.png 2014-10-12_22.04.48.png 2014-10-12_22.04.26.png 2014-10-12_22.05.15.png 2014-10-12_21.24.03.png 2014-10-12_22.05.33.png 2014-10-12_22.05.44.png 2014-10-12_22.04.54.png

    Edit: Also in the last one, notice how I have tentacles, and the squid floating in the air in the background has one.
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  2. HeilMewTwo

    HeilMewTwo New Member

    How did you even...?
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  3. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds

    i have lost the ability to even.
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  4. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    For the Item Mortar model, I changed:
        public void renderCannon2() {
        public void renderCannon2() {
    Same goes for renderCannon1/mortarBody2.render

    For the ones that have Steve, I actually fixed the problem I was having, hilariously enough. It fixed the memory leak when the Exo is worn. I made a static ModelExosuit for getArmorModel to use, instead of what is currently used.
  5. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    I can't even.
    You should definitely keep the tentacle feature, 'cus why not? ;)

    Also the invisible floor would make for an interesting map... So MAYBE you could make a mod pack based around that feature called "faith" ;)
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  6. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member


    Also, I'm giving Blorph the tentacle legs :p
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  7. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    I know it's not an intended feature, but it's a feature none the less ;)
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  8. Chaka

    Chaka FTB Team Mod Developer Retired Staff

    Oh. Noes...

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