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Unix Running FTB with MultiMc (Linux)

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Neil_50437, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Neil_50437

    Neil_50437 New Member

    Running FTB on linux -niel
    Java 7 update 45
    All xcb libs provided by distro (For multimc).

    Now lets get this fixed

    First find the file where the modpack has downloaded to, for me it is

    Open that up with file-roller (Or whatever you use).
    Now download multimc from http://goo.gl/2K8ypW and execute the bash script,
    you will need all the xcb libs from your distro (Google it).
    Create a pack for 1.6.4 and run it then add forge to it with the "edit mods" button.
    You now have 1.6.4 forge running.
    To add the mods click the folder at the top. 7.png This will open the modpack, then enter the minecraft folder it will look like this. 8.png
    Copy the mods and config over that we found earlier.
    FTB Horizon should now be working if you are having issues just ask in the comments
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