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Whitelist Server RevolutionCraft [Mindcrack v8.0.1] [Whitelist] [PvE and PvP] [Clans] [Anti-Griefing]

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Chrispy, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Plaid_Pyro

    Plaid_Pyro New Member

    Ign: Plaid_Pyro
    Anything else you'd like to say about yourself: I used to play tekkit, but have gotten bored with it and wish to try something new. I'm excited to try out FTB and am joining the server with friends. - Other than that I'm a huge LOTR nerd and favor huge builds.
  2. Fluster_Cluck

    Fluster_Cluck New Member

    Ign: Fluster_Cluck
    Age: 16
    I got minecraft a couple of months ago to play tekkit with some friends. They want to play FTB now, so I am asking to join your server.
  3. Chrispy

    Chrispy New Member

    Everyone approved, welcome[DOUBLEPOST=1360410457][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Approved, welcome
  4. mau5on

    mau5on New Member

    Ign: mau5on
    Age: 17
    Anything else you'd like to say about yourself: Nope
  5. krisdenmark

    krisdenmark New Member

    i have been lookin for a good ftb server for some time now else i dont know what i can say
  6. dor27

    dor27 New Member

    IGN: Dor27
    Age: 17
    Anything else: nope
  7. thekrafter

    thekrafter New Member

    age: 16
    Anything else you'd like to say about yourself: i enjoy minecraft my freind Lich_King applied to this and he wants me to i am nice i dont like greifers i dont greif myself and i am good and some of the mods that are in this and also i am a nice person Thanks for your consideration :D
  8. Lich_King

    Lich_King New Member

    his IGN: 007_cool_kid

    he forgot to add it to his app
  9. thekrafter

    thekrafter New Member

    then afer i posted this i realized my freind did it soo yeah :D ^
    i realized i forgot to add my ign
    IGN: 007_cool_kid
    anything else: well yeah great with redstone know little about alot my freind who is playing on your server Lich_King is my freinds and yeah i lvoe mods and i dont greif and never have got banned
  10. kevincraft

    kevincraft New Member

    IGN: kevincraft101

    Age: 14

    Anything else you'd like to say about yourself: I have been playing Feed the Beast for a while now, and I want to play on a nice server with a small community.
  11. Erickson_the_3rd

    Erickson_the_3rd New Member

    IGN: Erickson-the_3rd
    Age: 14
    more: uhh i used to be part of a different server but i quit because frequent map restarts.
  12. thetravis0916

    thetravis0916 New Member

    IGN: Thelastfate
    AGE: 17
    MORE: Ive been playing alot of single player and have recently gotten into playing multiplayer on ftb, and im looking for a server thats not very laggy and not alot of people. I love ftb and everything in it and hope you accept my Appc

    IGN: Thetravis0916
    AGE: 20
    MORE: I love ftb and have gotten really into playing it. i have learned fast and want a server with pvp on it. please accept my app
  13. Rollos

    Rollos New Member

    Ign: Rollomonster
    Age: 21
    Anything else you'd like to say about yourself: I play by the rules, will donate for an upgraded server!
  14. Rebel323

    Rebel323 New Member

    Ign: Rebel323
    Age: 16

    Love FTB just got a new computer would love to be a part of the community
  15. brnbabyburn1

    brnbabyburn1 New Member

    Ign: brnbabyburn
    Age: 19
    Anything else you'd like to say about yourself: I'm looking for a server where I can devote a lot of my downtime towards with little worry of it being destroyed/erased/griefed.
  16. Nukoh

    Nukoh New Member

    ign: nukoh
    Something else: Feeling really excited about playing ftb the beast on a server again, i might bring a friend?

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