Open Reliquary Tome of Alkahestry not working.

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    Summary of the problem Reliquary Tome of Alkahestry not working.

    Pack Version 1.0.1

    What is the bug? Tome of Alkahestry doesn't work when tryign to dupe items.

    Check Reliquary github issue...

    Mod & Version Reliquary-1.10.2-

    Link to log file Why?

    Is it repeatable? Make a tome of alkahestry and try and use it as it's intended to be used.

    Known Fix Nope..
  2. Mr_Ninja93

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    Cross posting from my comment on github here for awareness,

    Any config for reliquary fails to implement the duping functionality of the Tome if the config is not generated by the mod and left untouched (including copying that file into the config directory) regardless of if its content is identical to auto generated one, anyone wanting to fix the tome duping mechanic should delete the reliquary config they have (provided by default by the pack) and let the mod generate its own (and don't touch it!)
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    I deleted the reliquary config file and reloaded the pack but was still unable to use any of the tomb's crafting recipes still.

    Edit: So i went into the xreliquary config file, and removed the |0 from all the item:names in the Tome list and this fixed the items not being dupe-able. Though the lapis i wanted to dupe is not on the list.
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  4. Mr_Ninja93

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    If you want lapis add this into that list (just make sure the ">" and numbers etc match up to the rest in that list, Forum breaks alignment slightly so copy/paste will be off)
                I:"OreDictionary:gemLapis" <
                    (Whatever number you want for return)
                    (Whatever number you want for cost)
    Also reported the |0 meta issue to the github thread of this.
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  5. Mr_Ninja93

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