Refuge (3rd place Jampacked 2) Fixed


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Jul 29, 2019
Late last year I was alerted to a problem with our (dmaster8, Creativemaster8 and I) pack 'Refuge'. The pack couldn't be installed through the Twitch Client.

The other members of our team are no longer members of the community (neither am I really) and I felt that it was important that the pack would be able to be played. I personally enjoy going back to old packs I used to love and playing them (in particular Agrarian Skies) so I felt it was important if people felt this way about our pack that they should get the opportunity to play it again.

I know things have changed so much (it's been 4 years, I'm feeling old) and I have my doubts that people who used to play our pack are still part of the community but I hope that someone might feel joy in our pack returning.

In addition to this Refuge was always planned to be a trilogy and I maintain the idea that I still want to do this. I would have to learn the new mod as things have changed so much (people don't use HQM anymore!) and I would also like to get permission to develop it off of the other members of our team.


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May 4, 2015
I was here 4 years ago, thanks for updating the pack! Most of the good jampacked entries aren't even on twitch, but I do still like them, I hope the other devs port them someday