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  1. Sweglord

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    Summary of the problem Refined storage auto crafting

    Pack Version 3.0.4

    What is the bug? Autocrafting won't work Mystical Agriculture
    because it dont use just 1 Infusion Crystal to craft Supremium crystal (inferium to supremium crystal)

    Mod & Version Mystical Agriculture
    Refined Storage

    Link to log file no log

    Is it repeatable? Pattern from Inferium to Supremium
    Try to autocraft
    missing 2 infusion crystal to craft.

    Known Fix /
  2. Sweglord

    Sweglord Guest

  3. DJ411

    DJ411 New Member

    This was a problem with AE auto crafting. I used RFTools Auto Crafter to craft up to supremium essence. I don't have any patterns to make with essence but i would probably just down craft those.
  4. Apocalypse-

    Apocalypse- New Member

    It's not a permanent solution but if you press Control + Shift it will let you start the crafting anyways and it will work properly.
  5. Darkosto

    Darkosto New Member

    Not much I can do on my end. I've already talked to the RS dev many times and it isn't going to be changed. It's just a different method than you're used to. My workaround was to use more infusion crystals in my system, or to use another autocrafting method.

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