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Question about the ender quarry

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Jus2beast, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast New Member

    Okay, different upgrades have different energy usages.

    Lets say the base use is 1k RF/T

    Adding the fortune 3 upgrade would be 80k Rf/T as it is 80x power usage (Am I right? Please say if not).

    However If I add the speed III upgrade (2x power usage) Would my new power usage be 160k RF/T or 82k RF/T?

    Basically, how does the multiplier work, is it cumulative (stacks) or do they all go off the base. so 82x for those two upgrades, instead of 160x.
  2. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast New Member

    Oh and also how much power would I be using with a silktouch (1.5x) and speed 3 (2x)?
  3. Juanitierno

    Juanitierno New Member

    this is just my assumption, but since you are getting fortune 3 WHILE also doing it at higher speed, it would only make sense for it to be cumulative (otherwise, since you are mining many more blocks, and the power use is per unit of time, you would actually be getting a huge discount in power, if measured in blocks/rf)
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  4. Brian Cherrick

    Brian Cherrick Well-Known Member

    The effects of using more than 1 upgrade are cumulative. Having silk touch, speed 3, and fortunate 3 requires a nutso amount of power. To keep the energy buffer filled on the quarry itself requires somewhere in the neighborhood of 650-700k Rf/Tick
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  5. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast New Member

    How about Silktouch/Speed 3? Im trying that out.
  6. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    I went for silk touch and speed 2 because Fortune 3 was just too obscenely expensive. In the current Direwolf pack, my Ender Quarry draws about 7500 RF/t with those 2 upgrades. That is 2 upgrades with a 1.5x power mulitiplier on each. Not really sure how the math works though. The Quarry uses 750 RF/t with no upgrades. 750 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 1687.5, yet with those upgrades it draws 7500, which is 10x times the base value. I never actually did the math til now and it makes no sense. Guess it's time to go play in a test world and figure this out.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2015
  7. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    So after some playing around in a test world, this is what I found. I know there is a base value of power used then an additional amount per block broken based on the hardness of the blocks. So the actual use is not constant. I used a huge Ender IO capacitor bank to measure the RF the quarry used. This is what I found by letting it run with each setup for a minute or so. I did round the numbers slightly, but they are fairly accurate.
    This 1st list is with each upgrade individually.
    Base quarry- 680-720
    Silk touch- 725-760
    Speed 1- 2050-2125
    Speed 2- 6675-6750
    Speed 3- 21000-22000
    Fortune 1- 1050-1200
    Fortune 2- 2200-3100
    Fortune 3- 6700-9600
    Here are what they use in combinations. The 1st listed upgrade stays the same while I add each level of speed to it.
    Silk + Speed
    1- 2150-2250
    2- 7100-7400
    3- 23500-23900
    Fortune 1 + Speed
    1- 3100-3250
    2- 11150-12000
    3- 41000-42500
    Fortune 2 + Speed
    1- 6500-8200
    2- 28000-33500
    3- 112000-122000
    Fortune 3 + Speed
    1- 21000-25000
    2- 94000-112000
    3- 398000-452000

    I guess Fortune 3 and Speed 3 combined are what Tema made the Nether star generator to run. Even with the largest Big Reactor turbines, you would need 16-18 of them to fully power it.
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  8. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast New Member

    Oh well,. Silktouch and Speed 3 it is!
  9. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    There aren't many bonuses to playing a GregTech modpack (unless you're a masochist LOL), however I can point one out - there's no need for either the Fortune or the Silk Touch upgrades because all GregTech ores drop as ore blocks and must be processed, even for the simplest ores like coal. I guess Fortune could help with other mod's ores (like BiomesO'Plenty's Peridot ore) but it's basically a waste of RF to use either of those upgrades. I'm using the first tier of speed upgrade which is fast enough for me and is within the capacity of my little BigReactor (a 7x7x7 with diamond blocks since there's no Thermal Expansion in the pack I'm playing so no liquid Enderium or Gelid Cryotheum coolants)
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  10. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast New Member

    Well, Im in DW20 with 3 7x7x17 turbines all fitted with ludicrite, so Im producing 28k~ Rf/T from each one. With that im running my base and a silktouch/speed 3 ender quarry, along with all my base, and I still have some power to spare for when I expand even more.

    Although, fortuning all the ores with an auto activator is slow. I may need to make a lot more of these. 1 isn't enough
  11. ChemE

    ChemE New Member

    I like running a speed/silk touch ender quarry and then back at my base applying fortune III to some by routing certain high value ores into an AA to place them and another using a fortune III pick from redstone arsenal. I also have a vacuum hopper nearby to catch the experience orbs and route them into a bedrockium drum.
  12. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast New Member

    Exactly what I am doing, except Im using an Experience Obelisk from Ender IO.

    Its kinda slow, I have 150k coal ore and about 20k redstone backloggedxD
  13. GrandeSasquatch

    GrandeSasquatch New Member

    If you have EnderIO try using the Sagmill with steel balls, it beats fortune III on almost everything, there are a few exceptions. Just do a little bit of testing and you will be amazed.
  14. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast New Member

    Damn this is really old xD I don't even play anymore. I might get back into it...
  15. mathchamp

    mathchamp New Member

    There are a few factors with the ender quarry power consumption. First of all, power consumption is calculated per block broken so when you add a speed upgrade, power drain doesn't only increase due to the upgrade's own power drain multiplier but it also increases due to more blocks being broken per tick. This is why it consumes 30x as much power with Speed III despite there only being a 2x power drain multiplier.

    Secondly, there's a base term per block broken which is unaffected by upgrades (this is why it only takes slightly more power to add Silk Touch), along with a hardness term which is proportional to the hardness of the block broken. This hardness term is multiplied by all the upgrade multipliers (multiplicatively, so an 80x and a 2x makes 160x).

    I don't consider Fortune to be worth the massive extra power drain. Use silk touch and process the ores in your base (break them manually with Fortune or set up some MFR block breakers or other similar blocks). Then add a speed upgrade based on how much power generation you have available. So, for example, if you have less than 1 kRF/t, don't put any speed, and if you're generating at least 25 kRF/t or so, go Speed III (since the quarry becomes slightly less efficient when you upgrade it, if you don't have the power, excessive upgrades will actually make it slower). Note that you'll need quite a few ore processing machines. On my world I have a dozen fully upgraded SAG mills, a dozen fully upgraded redstone furnaces, roughly 15 MFR block breakers (since you can't upgrade them to be really fast), and one pulverizer and induction smelter for redstone ore --> cinnabar and cinnabar + ferrous ore --> shiny ingots (ferrous ore is rare so just one can keep up with the quarry). Note that the number of machines I have is a bit more than what is needed for a Speed III quarry's ores unless you put the quarry in a dense ore world or something, but the excess is nice to have when I just want to grind/smelt a ton of stuff (e.g. cobble to sand, or sand to glass).

    Note that the machines you'll need for your processing also depends on your modpack. If your modpack adds a whole bunch of different ores, you will need more machines.
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  16. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast New Member

    Thats what I did. Silk touch, and then a block placer and a breaker with a fortune 3 pickaxe.
  17. ChemE

    ChemE New Member

    Fortune III is all fine and good but if you have Draconic Evolution and RotaryCraft both in the pack you can Silk Touch/Fortune V. Gotta love OP crossmod interactions!
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