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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. strangest

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    1. Adding to exosuit controller(or where you'd like to) option to disable regeneration of durability for all psi-things in your inventory. Because when you're being dead in case of energy overflow, that happened when your smart armor drained you dry(to fix itself) second before casting powerfull spell, that's ... not fun.
    2. Decreasing base potency modifier for positive effects. Because getting them from CAD now is uneffective. Not extremely, but somewhere near that point.
    3. Adding scope to CADs. Because shooting projectile bullets ain't comfortable without zoom.
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  2. Arkeus121

    Arkeus121 Member

    In order for this to happen the mod will have to update(change) to allow any spells recieving their position from a raycast tile only to actvate if the trick position is also within that range, otherwise it would make it too easy for the player to make a spell to multiply the vector and send the insta-explosion or whatever outside of this range.
    I'll second this idea though because it could be incredibly usefull in shortening the spells.
  3. Simpson

    Simpson New Member

    will we ever see Mikihiko's spirit/card magic? i think it was the most interesting approach to magic in the anime.

    Edit: or better question will we ever see other CAD's than the gun and suit?
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  4. caioketo

    caioketo New Member

    Hi there, is there anyway to quick change a spell? instead of using the cad hotkey and choosing it?
    Or someway to bind hotkeys to the spells slots?
    Trying some PVP ideas with this mod, but its really hard to change the spells.
    Thanks, and awesome mod btw
  5. Solarsyphon

    Solarsyphon New Member

    Can I suggest having single cast spells that can be distributed in loot or what ever to promote the mod in a pack and also possibly be used as a once off to create more powerful spells than you can normally cast (to build that really impressive structure). I just feel it's easier to start off in a mod if you have an idea what the end game is like and whats available. The other thing is that of the ways to deal damage, lightning and explosion are the easiest and most interesting by far can I suggest some more tricks like a temporary lave flow ( e.g what magma charges from lycanites mobs produce) or a blade/ projectile that travels on a vector you have to set.
  6. So someone higher up in the thread said.

    "I've been testing the mod for a while, got to 20 in Vanilla by now, the only one that took me a while was "Operator: Closest to Point". As for direct things, it seems explosion projectiles don't always hurt entities if you hit them, which seems odd."

    I very much so agree with his assessment. This mod has the most wonderful utility and is insanely flexible in terms of what spells you can make... That being said I would be very happy if there where more ways/types of damage that one could apply to creatures. Some modifier to increase damage would also not be a bad idea. The mod 'ars magica' is unfortunately not updating to 1.10.2 and that was my most beloved of all magic mods. This mod I believe to be potentially more than a match for ars magics. The spell creation in psi is already better than anything ars magica had and it would be absolutely amazing if you my good sir Vazkii could add in some tricks/spell shaping options like those that ars magica had. Also, if you could include new animations/effects for new damage types you would be as a god amongst mortals!
    Thank you for the wonderful mod to play around with and if you wish any clarification of what I mean/why made the suggestions that I did I would be happy to oblige.[/QUOTE]
  7. Lethosos

    Lethosos Popular Member

    Ars Magica is currently in 1.10 beta, as someone else took up the code.

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  8. Really?! Where can I go to find it?
  9. Lethosos

    Lethosos Popular Member

    Check Curse, I believe there is an early version available there.

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  10. baixiang1999

    baixiang1999 New Member

    Is there 1.7.10 for this mods?
    I really likes this mods!
  11. Josh Afro

    Josh Afro New Member

    I just started and the game says I've leveled up, but when I press c when not selecting the casting assistant device it won't take me to the leveling up menu? I just see the tutorial screen again and I'm not sure what to do, any ideas?
  12. mbbkraft

    mbbkraft Active Member

    Hello, please i need help.

    I want to pull a ghast to make an angel ring so i think i should use a spell from psi to pull the ghast on me but i cant find to correct way to do the spell. To be honest i dont want to spend my time on learning math thing, vector etc.. so i just copy spell i find on the web but i cant find this one so can someone here paste me a spell that work ? thank in advance.
  13. lincore

    lincore Active Member

    I've always loved programming as magic systems in games, so I naturally love this mod. I think a 'draw line' debug trick (line defined by two vectors) would be helpful for players who are trying to learn vector math. Also I may be wrong, but it isn't always clear from the tutorial whether a vector parameter should be local or global (break block sequence for instance).

    This is from memory, so you may have to use your head.
    1. Use a projectile bullet so you can pull ghasts from far away.
    2. To find the target, first add the 'focal point' selector and feed that into 'find nearby enemies' (with a small radius like 3). Use that as well as the focal point's 'entity position' with 'closest to point'. This will return the enemy that was hit by your projectile.
    3. To find the direction to move the ghast to, there is the correct way and the easy one, which I'll explain here. Put a 'caster' selector on the grid and get your 'entity look' vector. To move the ghast towards you, it has to move in the direction that is behind you, so its easiest just to 'negate' the look vector.
    4. Now you can add the add motion trick, feed the target and negated look vector in and pick a speed (I used 1.5).
  14. Vazkii

    Vazkii Botania Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Just use a fishing rod.
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  15. BIBLO

    BIBLO Active Member

    anyone know where a pastebin is for a psi light spell for helmet. that places the light source at your feet. I have one but it places it where i am looking and it interfere with hammer while mining. It places it where i hit with hammer.
  16. Unata

    Unata Active Member

    I'm running DW20's 1.10.2 mod pack and working through the Psi tutorial, am stuck at level 5, I did the Entities 101, Numbers 101, and I did the CHECK mark on each to learn, but trying to do Vectors 101 I don't have the xyz-> thing available in the Spell Programer, is there something I'm missing? I've gone back over the other ones 3 times now.
  17. Royal_Shooter

    Royal_Shooter New Member

    I have played through Psi in DW20 new pack,it is the first time I play this mod,I heard a lot about this mod and I am excited to try it......and I am DISAPPOINTED :(
    I have so many things want to say about the mod,I have watch the animated and when I try the mod it just...not that grate

    the good things about the mod is it is easy to get ,it is some how early game,got free poison and the grate OP skill from Shiba Tatsuya :p
    And the down side of this mod is, it can't really do much...
    I assume that this mod is SUPER COOL and DO WHATEHERE I WANT,but I can't .
    most of the trick is ok as a toy....but not in a application level.....
    compare to other mod,this mod is fun....but not useful

    like the number system is weird,sometime it won't able me to use a changeable number in power???
    and some of the detail can be make more user-friendly....
    the system is like a programming system but missing a few opsion,like delay or chain trick....
    I also hopping there is some more trick like teleport
    and also the loopcast system should not function that way...we should be able to loop cast one part,and do change into the spell.
    looping the spell will draw a little amount of the psi,and doing change will also draw a part of psi.

    I have so many idea in my head in how to improve it....but I can't do it by my own.
    I only know the basic of programming and I haven't learn java :( ...but if I know how to do it,I will really like to make some improve on it.
    hope someone in the psi team will see this,and if they need help and I can help,I will willing to do is really sad to see such a great idea mod(because I am a huge fan of anime,especially 魔法科高校の劣等生 is a series I really like)can't show how great/OP it should be...
  18. Phaser Rave

    Phaser Rave Member

    Really loving the mod so far.
    Some ideas:
    A pouch or backpack, sort of like a bag of holding or the pouches from Thermal Expansion. Can be used in place of your hotbar for placing blocks in the world.

    A trick which works like a dispenser, firing out arrows and potions adjacent to the CAD (or in the pouch described above). Just imagine it - A mine that shoots a few arrows, or your own arrow-machine gun.
  19. Axmata

    Axmata New Member

    This mod starts off on the right foot: Modular control, an open license, a thorough tutorial...

    Halfway through the tutorial I've learned how to break 5 blocks and waste a few blocks of iron.

    Not "Consume a bunch of iron on a useful tool", literally waste it. Would you knowingly waste 18 ingots on a weapon that looks like a Perfect Dark design reject JUST so you can complete half a rinky dink tutorial? I wouldn't.

    This mod feels like an infomercial product.
  20. Xakorik

    Xakorik Active Member

    HOW did you waste that iron on the tutorial? It doesn't take that much o_O

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