Project Ozone 2 crashes when using NEI due to botania

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Issei Hyoudou

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Jul 29, 2019
Title Project Ozone 2 crashes when using NEI due to botania

Launcher Type Curse App

Modpack Project Ozone 2

Modpack version 2.2.4 EFU

Have you modified the pack? No

Link to log file

Details of the issue It plays fine until I try to use NEI recipe or uses, then when I try to, the screen goes to the dirt texture, then crashes. Searching items up is fine, but that is about it. The crash reports seem to state that it is an issue with Botania, but i have no idea how to fix it. Pls halp
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Aug 20, 2012
You should contact the pack developer for help with this, they will more than likely need to update the pack once they have the bug fixed.


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Oct 3, 2012
Scotland, UK
It looks like an issue with the Hardcore Questing mod. The Better Questing mod was added to replace HQM but is still in the pack. I would switch over to that mod and see if the issue is resolved.

If that does not work then contact the pack author through curse as they have/had a chat group for the modpack there. Unfortunately afaik the author is now finished with this pack.