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Whitelist Server Private Server | Direwolf20 Pack | Whitelisted | Mature | Recruting

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Kasslloyd, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Kasslloyd

    Kasslloyd New Member

    Server IP:

    Looking for MATURE adult players who is looking for a small private server to play with like minded people. I plan on doing a map reset when I find a couple people wanting to start over, so we're all on the same playing field. Running the current Direwolf20 pack. Unless there's problems that requires it it will be default configurations and mods in the pack. Things that would immediately disqualify you from being considered on the whitelist: asking for ops, asking for items, greifing, abusing any bug, not respecting others areas/things/space/time.

    It's a small 15 slot server, so I'm only looking for around 3 or 4 at most people. I have a teamspeak server.

    If you're interested in joining and playing on my server, I'd like to know some things about you, your age, and probably talk to you on teamspeak beforehand. I'm looking for people who are interested in working together as opposed to completely loaners who are playing singleplayer on a SMP server for all practical purposes.

    Since I'm going to reset the map when we all start, applying won't immediately get you access. I'm going to wait until we have a couple people together before we can start. So knowing other contact methods for you (like e-mail) would be helpful to coordinate things.

    Shoot me a PM with your details and reply here that your interested.

    I'm EST time zone, United States, btw.
  2. GoldenTatertot

    GoldenTatertot New Member

    Hello there. My name's GoldenTatertot, call me Tater. I currently reside in the Los Angeles area, California, USA. I am 15 years old (yes, another "little kid", get to know me though, and I won't disappoint. I'm a freshman in high school with ample amounts of free time. I have some experience with FTB; played a little when it came out, an some Tekkit before that. Although I've only been playing since Beta 1.8, I spend most of my free time on Minecraft, so I know the ropes. There are various ways of contacting me including Skype, E-Mail, TS, Vent, and Mumble. Add me on Skype "tatertotinvastion" or e-mail me at [email protected]
  3. HomieTK

    HomieTK New Member

    Hey just letting you know this thread is on the wrong page.
    This is the mindcrack page not Direwolf.
    If you want to promote your server put it at the 'Direwolf' page.
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  4. WTBjellybean10

    WTBjellybean10 New Member

    IGN: WTBjellybean10
    Age: I have recently turned 17, I know, mature general means 18+, but give me a chance, I am a very mature individual and have a lot to offer
    Timezone: US central (GMT - 5:00)
    Mic: I have Skype and a Mic, unfortunately, I do not have teamspeak
    Skype: wtbjellybean
    Preferred Job: I am fine at mining and pretty much anything, but I am really good at the later game mechanics, like, frame quarries, BC and IC power stations, and pretty much anything. I am fine with anything though and I will help with anything (even crafting HVs or gravity suits!)
    Why I want to join: I would like to join you to finally indulge in multiplayer, I haven't played multiplayer in a very serious manner since 1.2.5 on Hardcore Darwinism tekkit server (I know tekkit). The server was shut down as the owner had a mental breakdown, it was a raiding server but I remained neutral and the people I lived with did as well (We got rich by trading and mining NOT RAIDING). Overall I think getting back into a multiplayer environment, with a tight knit group, would be a ton of fun
    My knowledge with mods: I am VERY knowledgeable with the mods on the Direwolf20 pack, the first modpack I played was the original yogbox. I switched over to technical mods with tekkit and the technic pack back in 1.0. I played these mod packs till 1.4 when I got really serious in the single player aspect of FTB and the Direwolf20 pack. I know almost everything about all of the mods in the pack and I can build extremely efficient mining machines or power stations or even farm.
    Email: [email protected]

    My MCbans:
    I have never played on a server with MCbans and here is the link to save you some time.

    Thank you for considering me as a candidate to join your group, I really appreciate it and I would love to join!

    {edit} added email
  5. Chisai

    Chisai New Member

    My IGN is Chisama, you can call me Chi. I am 27 and I have been looking for a small group of players to do some epic builds with. I have some lets plays on youtube if you would like to see my play style under "winkbot plays technic ssp hardcore". I have alot of experience playing technic pac and tekkit but I am new to FTB and the combo of mods that are available here but I will be playing a ssp game to help get familiar with all of the fun new stuff. I don't grief, I'm not big into pvp, and I am a respectful player looking to get creative. I have vent and teamspeak, and you can reach me at [email protected]. Thanks! ^^
  6. jerom3112

    jerom3112 New Member

    my name is jerom i was looking for a small private server to play ftb with awesome people and it leems like i found one i have played for around 2 months now on direwolf20 pack so i know a bit of all the mods for if you wanna know i live in the netherlands and i am 16 years old and
    i have skype,and teamspeak
    i hope that this is all the info that you need and i would be verry glad if i could join this community
    email:[email protected]
    skype ign:jerom3112
    Minecraft IGN: jerom3112
  7. J Mac

    J Mac New Member

    Hows it join,
    My IGN is jmac7711 and i have been looking for a nice server to play on without hundreds of little kids spamming. I am 18 and have a skype but have rare access to a mic but you can still add me. Jmac7711 is my name. I also have an email. [email protected] Please take me into consideration however if you choose not to let me please still message me for i will have no problem with that.
  8. TheAccountant_

    TheAccountant_ New Member

    Glad to have stumbled upon this.

    My name is Robert. I'm 23, currently a full time student and interning part time as a junior accountant. I'll be starting on my bachelor's in Accountancy this fall semester. My game tag is TheAccountant_ (yes, clever I know). I've been playing Minecraft for probably about 6 or 7 months, and Feed the Beast most recently for about 3. Needless to say I got hooked on the FTB pack as soon as I played - there's just so much to do! I've tried out a couple of different servers (both FTB and vanilla) and they've been alright, but honestly it's just the sheer amount of people that kind of ruins it for me. You always have to venture so far away from spawn to find anything, resources are tapped, there's endless grief no matter where you go... it just gets old.

    I'll send you a message with my email. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope this is still current.
  9. The_Ziz

    The_Ziz New Member

    Hi there reader! My name is Korey Smith and i'd like to apply for your server. Before that, let me tell you alittle bit about myself.

    I'm a 19 year-old male living in a small, non-expensive apartment. In the evenings, I like to come home from working in my repair shop and play abit of FTB. Sadly, SP has gotten very....empty. Thus, I have tried to find many servers related to your own. Now at days, it getting frequently more and more difficult to hunt down a individual server with alike qualities of what I am searching for. Thus, I haven't been able to experience the full effect of having a loving, friendly community. I intend to achieve that purpose here if possible.

    P.S If you have any other questions here are some ways to contact me.
    Skype: The_Ziz/KoreySmith
    E-mail: [email protected]/[email protected]

    Thank you for your attention while reading this post!
  10. Xian12

    Xian12 New Member

    Hey I am interested in joining your server I will send you a PM.
  11. mjm78playsMC

    mjm78playsMC New Member

    I am Michael most people know me as mjm78 though, I am 14 Years Old ( Young I know But give me a shot I will not disappoint ) I Live in The UK, I also Have a youtube Channel! ( mjm78playsMC ) where i am looking to start an FTB SMP LP. I Have skype and Teamspeak :D I am getting Much Better at FTB and to be honest No one person knows it all Thank You For Your Time
    -Michael ( mjm78 )
    Also No Bans

  12. Smack

    Smack New Member

    Age: 17
    IGN: Smackingass
    Country: Aruba
    When can i play: fridays, saturdays and sundays and sometimes when i got free days from college
    why should i be chosen: i just liked watching direwolf20's videos on forgecraft and i taught i would look up sometyhing just like that on the internet and i found this and im a nice guy but i do swear sometimes and i dopnt grief or steal unless asked
  13. Crytiv

    Crytiv New Member

    Hello, i was looking for people and trying to create something like you just did. But i failed, so im interested to join you. Im 19 years old, i have a mic and ts. My knowledge with DW20 pack is really good. Playing with mods since mc 1.8.1 beta or what it was call back then. I would love to join your server/command or whatever you want to call it. Anyway, contacts : skype - gogis 12, email - [email protected].
    PS - English is not my native language..
  14. macx11

    macx11 New Member

    hi my name is macx22 or for humans nickim from greece i have to play ftb long time and i see that big servers is not for me its more like it play with 5-6 poeple that u know them.
  15. Loadedspud19

    Loadedspud19 New Member

    Hey my name is xXSnowFyreXx yeah i know it says I am loadedspud19 but I got a new account because I forgot the password so yeah. But in other news I am a 17 years of age. I dislike to swear and I absolutely dislike immature kids who think they are all high and mighty..... oh and I also have a good amount of knowledge when it comes to these mods in the DW20 pack. I am located in Central US/Canada Timezone so it kinda depends on what time and if I am available. So if you allow me to join your server that would be cool.


    Snow Fyre
  16. simon1ace

    simon1ace New Member

    Hi my name is simon1ace 36 years old and i would love to join a good server
  17. Stickbabiga

    Stickbabiga New Member

    Hey, I shot you a PM telling you my creds.
  18. woagame

    woagame New Member

    Hello, My name is woagame and I am 17, I have been looking for a server for a while to build a nice base.
    I have experience with most of the mods in this pack and I am tired of single player.
    Hopefully nobody likes to cuss on this server because its not amusing to hear people cussing.


    Ur old To play mine craft
  20. simon1ace

    simon1ace New Member

    Well u can call me dad lol

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